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Welcome to Tower 26!

Our first workout was on November 8 at the new Palisades High School pool. Participants reacted auspiciously by signing-up at an 80% rate of those who tried our workouts. A few who did not join-in stated they are coming January 1.
The cool summer along the cost in Santa Monica seems to have carried through into Fall as air temps hit sub 40 these last couple days, making for cold on-deck coaching. Fortunately, Pali has kept its pool at comfy temps.

We are in off-season, pre-season, after season or whatever name you wish to deem it. But what we are really into is technical training and specific preparation for the 2011 year. Yes, our workouts are demanding of your attention and commitment, but they yield results. Although we are packing a lot of swimming into our 60 or 90 minute sessions, these first couple months are all about teaching and preparing your body to hold the correct position in the water for when we lay on training load and race specific workouts. If a Newbie or a Pro, the same applies to even Mr. Michael Phelps, Mr. Javier Gomez or Mr. Chris McCormack, better body positioning in the water leads to faster swimming.

Only two things makes an athlete faster in water, although there may be multiple facets under each umbrella: 1) Overcoming drag or water resistance; and 2) Training. We’ll discuss each in the coming weeks. recognized our launch efforts and started a cool “Tower 26” swim challenge swim challenge:….check it out:

Tower 26 has also been in the news here:

Happy Holidays!
Gerry Rodrigues