Capable Swimmer

Nick Gardner


I swam with Gerry at UCLA for five years.  He always gives great workouts, with variety, interest, and purpose.  He has a year round plan for training which keeps workouts interesting and directed.  Because he swims his own workouts, you know his mind and heart are in them.  He’s always on time – we never missed a workout for lack of a coach.  He is attentive to all ability levels. 

But what makes Gerry an exceptional coach is his ability to motivate, to draw out your best efforts.  Many coaches can give good workout sets and offer tips, but few can actually inspire you to swim better.  He has the gift for knowing each swimmer’s ability and goals, and – even on a daily basis – seems to know what you are capable of doing and how to motivate you to go faster/farther – all in a positive way.

Inna Gergel


I can say without any hesitation that Gerry is an excellent coach.  Gerry helped me to cultivate the love of swimming.  He is someone who loves and knows swimming.  It is invaluable to have a coach who not only knows the sport but also loves it.  I swam on Gerry’s team for twelve years and he was a true constant for me.  I have often told him that seeing him at 5:45 or 6:45 in the morning meant that all was well.  With his help and inspiration swimming became an integral part of my life.  I am and will always be grateful to him.

Larry Clark, President Aragon Holdings


Coach Gerry is one of, if not the best, swim coach I’ve ever had.  His focus on technique has helped me glide through the water faster and easier, thus producing much better swim times in my triathlon competitions.

Jonathan Fischer


Gerry is an amazing coach.  I was a triathlete and swimming was my weakest discipline.  Swimming with Gerry I was able to significantly improve my times.  More importantly, I became a much better and more efficient swimmer overall.  Gerry always provided individualized tips and managed to customize the workouts for swimmers of all abilities despite having tons of people in the pool at the same time.  I used to dread swimming laps, but Gerry’s coaching really changed that for me.

Lori Miller


When coached by Gerry in masters swimming in my late-thirties, I was able to surpass my best competitive college times.  Gerry is amazing — both motivationally and technique-wise.

Nancy Harding


As of August, 2010, I have been swimming with US masters for 10 years. This would not have been possible without the motivational support and coaching of Gerry Rodrigues. When I started with masters I was not a competitive swimmer or triathlete. I swim in lane 7 or 8. Gerry’s patience and skilled training helped me to stick to with the masters program until I fell in love with it. Gerry excels at pacing his swimmers. He knew the times of most of the swimmers and certainly the range of times in each lane. Workouts would push me to my limits, because he knew what they were. He was also pushing the swimmers in lane 1 to their limits. He seemed to keep this all in his head. He is a great coach!

Paul Rekoff


Gerry Rodrigues is the first real swim coach I’ve worked with — and all subsequent ones pale by comparison.

More than a decade after first working with him, I can still hear his voice instructing me, guiding me and gently cajoling me into a more elegant, efficient stroke. That voice still coaxes me into mid-workout and mid-race improvements.

Although, I started as the slowest swimmer in the slowest lane, Gerry treated me like an Olympian. He saw more potential in me than I ever thought possible–and drew it out.

Since then, I’ve been able to finish 6-mile open-water races, an Ironman triathlon and swimming races where currents were so bad that 25% of the field had to abandon the effort. This all is a tribute to his teaching and the generosity of his spirit.

Konrad Trope

In high school and college I had coaches for various sports in which I participated: track, cross country, swimming, and football. Most coaches I found to be focused on either on promoting themselves, or only focused their time and attention on just a few of the very best athletes on any given team.
When I took up Masters Swimming with Gerry Rodrigues, I was pleasantly surprised at his completely different style of coaching. Gerry coaches everyone! Everyone is made to feel important.  Everyone’s potential to become a better swimmer is Gerry’s focus.
Though I was not one of the faster swimmers, Gerry always made time to give me individual attention, as he did to everyone, regardless of their experience or skill.  If you want to learn swimming and be coached by someone who is as invested in your growth and development as you are–then swim with Gerry Rodrigues.  I’ve swam with Gerry for over 10 years. He is simply the best.

Wally Kurth


I can honestly say my swimming improved dramatically under Gerry’s stewardship.  Having worked with a few different coaches over the years, I will say that no coach ever structured a better daily workout than Gerry.  I tell people he is a genius at creating an hour workout that was always different, challenging, fun and somehow ended exactly on time.  He never had to cut it short for lack of time.  I was amazed.  He switched it up and gave every swimmer, no matter what level, a great workout that sent us home feeling like we maximized our time in the pool.  And you can’t ask for better than that.

Eytan Brandes, 62 years old.


I really loved having Gerry Rodrigues as my coach. He always pushed his swimmers and me to reach our full potential. His workouts were great and not only challenging, but new and interesting too. He knew each of the swimmers names, took a personal interest in each of us. He knew what we did inside and outside of the pool. He knew all of our personal times by heart and was able to make all the swimmers, at all the different levels and age groups, feel important!!!! He made us feel like you were our own personal coach, and that you really were interested in helping each one of us to improve……not just the best swimmers.

It was great having him for my coach and my only regret is that he moved further away so I can’t get to swim with him now. Thank you Gerry for the time we did have to work together and please keep in touch with me.