Cyndi Gallagher, Head Coach, UCLA Swimming


I have known Gerry Rodrigues for over 20 years….he is an amazing coach!  He is committed, hardworking and passionate about swimming and coaching.  He is an expert in ocean swimming and is always looking for ways to make you a better athlete.

Glen Christiansen

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Excellent website for a great program with a fantastic Coach!!!!

Olympic swimmer 1980
Olympic Coach 1996
World Masters Champion 1986, 1988, 1998, 2002, 2004, 2010

Jack Fabian, Head coach, Keene College


I have been working with Gerry Rodrigues to help a swimmer I am coaching adapt her training to benefit her racing in Open Water competition.  I love hearing about the training sessions Gerry runs with his athletes and wish we lived on the west coast so that we could be a part of them.  We have benefited greatly by working with Gerry via Skype and on the phone.  I can only imagine how unbelievable it would be to work with him in person at the pool on a daily basis.

Brad Burnham, Head Coach Bowdoin College


Nobody cares more about the sport of swimming and the people who do it than Gerry Rodrigues. I always felt respected and valued as one of his staff members. I enjoyed the discussions about technique, race strategy or the best training sets usually sparked by a question he had. Even more impressive has always been the way he works with each and every person he coaches. I learned a great deal about how to treat people from Gerry.

Rom Levitzky – Triathlon coach, Kinetics360

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I have had the opportunity to be coached by Gerry, as well as referred triathlon swimming clients to him. Gerry is simply the best swimming coach I have ever worked with. His understanding of the sport, coaching abilities and attention to detail are second to none. The results his clients have achieved are extremely impressive. Everyone who wants to improve their swimming will greatly benefit from Gerry’s coaching.

Rad Hallman, Head Coach – USC Triathlon

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Gerry has helped me excel as both an athlete and a coach over the past several years.  He has the unique ability to spot flaws in a stroke on the individual level and correct them in an instant.  His approach allows him to focus any athlete’s attention on what it takes to get faster beyond fads or quick fixes.  Whether coaching alongside Gerry or following his lead in the pool, I feel that every workout has left me with an improved understanding of swimming and what it takes to race well.  From technique to race strategy, his coaching prowess will take any athlete, whether beginner or elite, swimmer or triathlete, to the next level.

Lori Christensen, Vixen Training

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If you R E A L L Y want to swim better, Gerry Rodrigues is your coach. He is a master at identifying exactly what you need to improve in your stroke and get streamlined; whether you are a beginner or have been a competitive swimmer your entire life. What are you waiting for?

Diane Graner Gallas, El Segundo Masters


I’ve known, trained and swum with Gerry Rodrigues for over twenty years.  In addition to Gerry’s extensive coaching and racing experience at very high levels, he is able to communicate and provide to swimmers and triatheletes at all levels the training, techniques and strategies they need to improve and excel in their chosen sports.

Matt Dixon of Purplepatch Fitness


Gerry Rodrigues is simply the best swimming coach I have met (let alone Open Water Coach). He has been tremendously helpful with all of my professional athletes who I have sent to see him for specific instruction and help. Any swimmer or triathlete in the LA area not …utilizing his program is missing something very special. It is wonderful to see the Tower 26 evolve. He was my swim coach when I raced..