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Mikkel Bondesen

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While I was getting ready for my very first Ironman I supplemented my swim training by taking three private sessions with Gerry. Within minutes he was able to tell me exactly where I would be able to make tangible improvements. I worked hard at implementing these changes, and by doing so was able to swim a 1:03 in my first Ironman and felt great coming out of the water. I’ve since taken to calling Gerry “the swim whisperer”…

Rolanda Mendelle

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Gerry is a rare find; a master coach. Possessing a keen eye and an unassuming manner, he speaks uniquely to you, guiding you to the next level. He even got a terrified me through a national championship!

Kelly G. Chrisman

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Coach Gerry Rodrigues is simply the best pool and open water coach in the business. His years of experience, knowledge, ethics, and commitment to his clients are unsurpassed by none other. Utilizing his coaching via pool and open water “Tower 26” training I was able to fulfill my desire to compete in triathlons in a relatively short time. Whether you are a beginner, novice or pro Coach Gerry is a must for your training.

Steve Pressman

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Thank you for all of the great coaching over the last several years. I look back at me beginning days at UCLA, the days of struggling at TriFit, and think to myself, WOW! My swimming has changed so dramatically. Even though my times have dramatically improved, there is much more work to be done. I cannot get over my efficiency in the water, which has lead to a huge confidence during the swim portion of my races. Now I am looking forward to going to the next level at the new Palisades pool.

Thank you for all of your guidance!

Rosalind Jarrett

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Gerry Rodrigues is a terrific coach. His pool workouts are top-notch and no other beach workout compares to those he runs at Tower 26. Gerry customizes his workouts into groups, so that pros, speedy amateurs and we ‘aspiring-to-be-speedy’ swimmers can all benefit during the same workout.  He encourages you to do your best and every workout is different, always interesting and always challenging.

Carmela deBrouwer

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While training with Gerry my times and technique improved tremendously but, the most important was that I felt strong and confident on the water.  I am looking forward for more exhilarating great swim workouts!

Lynne Fiedler

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Gerry’s passion for swimming is apparent every time I have been coached by him. I have taken several private lessons and many group swim classes this year from Gerry, as well as attended his Tower 26 ocean swims.

His coaching has immensely improved my stroke, my focus in the pool and ocean, and my performance in triathlons this season. All of his workouts have a purpose- whether it is to simulate a race situation, teach you something you don’t know about open water swimming or push you to use your full potential in the pool..he knows swimming like nobody else! He truly cares about all of his athletes, and I can now say that because of him, I enjoy my swimming training.

Peter Brantley

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Gerry gave me the knowledge and experience to be able to handle all, even the most ridiculous of conditions including the 2009 edition of the LA triathlon where the swim conditions included heavy surf with choppy swells and a VERY heavy current.  Because of his coaching, I was able to make it out with the lead pack of swimmers.  After 2 years of swimming with Gerry at Tower 26 and in Coaching Sessions the swim is no longer something to be feared. Any athlete from pure beginner to professional who is looking to train for triathlon or any open water event would be able to benefit from his coaching.

Tom Ito

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Gerry is a fantastic swim coach!  He has helped me tremendously to achieve my swim triathlon goals while improving swim technique and physical conditioning. Gerry has the special talent to align training sessions that perfectly matches abilities and capabilities.  I always feel energized and motivated following a swim session with Gerry. As a result, I successfully completed my first International Distance Triathlon where the ocean swim became the best and most enjoyable part of the race.

I highly recommend Gerry if you are serious about improving your swimming at any level and accomplishing your athletic goals.

Brian Morel

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Gerry is an amazing coach!  I’m an upper mid-pack triathlon swimmer (versus a “real” swimmer!) who races triathlon a lot less than I once did.  And getting in the pool was never my favorite thing to do.  Gerry changed all that by making swim training fun.  He is a true professional and he takes his business – swimming – as serious as a doctor takes theirs.  He divides a given coaching session into lanes of different paces and does a masterful job of pacing the various lanes through the same workout.  He’s incredible.  Throughout his sessions he gives tips and pointers to help with technique.  I also like that, upon inquiring with Gerry about private coaching sessions to take my swimming to the next level – a prime opportunity to make money off me – he suggested that my issue was fitness / endurance and that Ii merely needed to be more consistent in coming to his class; he could have easily sold me on some private coaching, just for the sake of making some easy money, and I appreciate that he didn’t.