Types of Swimmers

Accomplished Swimmers

This group has experience, is skilled and generally “Race Ready”. They are the pros, the elites, or the competitive age-groupers in need to hone their technique for an edge on their competitors. They can still learn and improve upon state-of-the-art, effective racing strategies. Some still seek comfort and confidence for open water, large racing groups, pack training, pace-line swimming, and buoy turns. They need extremely targeted and elevated training sessions for pool and open water competitions. We have a place for you!

Capable Swimmers

This is the athlete who has been swimming for a while; either solo, or with a Masters group. They may have some high school swim experience or triathlon race participation. They are somewhat seasoned but generally looking for more improvements and positive experiences. They are still searching for optimal comfort, effective training, better stroke mechanics, and practical guidance while needing to be more “Race Ready” for pool or open water. We have a place for you!

Newbie Swimmers

Generally, this is the largest group of swimmers or triathletes. They are looking for: skill development, general improvement, confidence, effective workouts, and specific fitness. They usually don’t know swimming or training lingo, they require “tell me how to” and may be a bit timid or think “I can’t do those workouts.” They require and do receive more hand-holding; they are usually the heart-beat of successful workout groups. None are “Race Ready”. Some are scared just thinking about an event, or have no interest in one; others have already decided to do their first event but need lots of help. We have a place for you!