Alex Gudmundsson

I swam for Coach Gerry at UCLA masters for 3 years (more sporadically for 5) and I still cannot find a Masters Swim Team that I enjoy as much. While many of my fellow high school swimmers were burnt out and quit swimming, I kept swimming and improved from my competitive high school swimming because of Gerry. Each workout was dynamic, interesting and hard! There were no workouts written on a whiteboard that you had to figure out yourself, which I have encountered at other masters teams. I went to work outs because of the team atmosphere that Gerry created and I was pushed to improve by Gerry’s creative, awesome coaching. Gerry made ocean workouts available in the summer which was a great way to improve fitness while trying something new. I improved my swimming after high school because of the attention I got from Gerry and also because I wanted to go to practice and actually try because I could see improvement in my stroke and swimming style that I did not see after swimming on a high school swim team, playing water polo, and swimming on an age group swim team for 8 years.

I wish I lived closer to the Palisades so I could swim at the new team.

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