Amy Robertson

I have to say, Gerry is truly the best swim coach that I have ever had.  What sets Gerry apart is his obvious love of the sport and ability to work with each swimmer to refine his/her swimming technique.  Each workout if different and I always walk away with new knowledge and things to practice when swimming on my own. Gerry strikes just the right balance between pushing each swimmer to be their best, giving subtle critiques to enhance your stoke, sharing a history of the sport and having a sense of humor.  His swim classes are definitely the highlight of my training week.  Ultimately, Gerry is passionate about the sport and it shows.  It doesn’t matter if you are an elite swimmer or someone that is new to the sport, Gerry makes you feel excited about getting in the water and creates a sense of accomplishment for taking on new challenges.  I feel very lucky to get to swim with him and I know my lane mates feel the same.

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