Azadeh Shladovsky, Palisades resident

I was immediately impressed by the amount of time Gerry spent on the telephone with me, considering I am not, and never plan on being, a competitive triathlete.  It was 7 weeks before my first triathlon.  I had spent the two months prior swimming with SCAQ and found myself still lacking confidence and skills. In fact, after I learned about Gerry’s credentials, I was skeptical that he would even train somebody like me, “a newbie” at best.

I would swim sets (embarrassed by my lack of form and knowledge) while he sat, patiently and calmly timing me, directing me and taking copious amounts of notes (to which I always wondered, “what can he possibly be writing- I stink and that’s that”). And yet slowly and surely, I began to develop not just an interest in swimming but a desire to give it the commitment that Gerry had given me. His commitment was not limited to the time “on the clock” in the pool; he sent me weekly written workouts that were specific for me (not formulas applied to each of his swimmers) and when race day arrived, he was there to give me guidance and support. I am pleased to say, as a non-swimmer, that the swim leg of my race was my strongest of the event and it’s no mystery why.

Being a resident of the Westside, just minutes from the beautiful Pacific Ocean is a blessing. Being able to swim safely in that ocean, and participate in races where I can challenge myself is an even bigger blessing. Knowing and training with Gerry, well, you get the picture…

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