Brian Morel

Gerry is an amazing coach!  I’m an upper mid-pack triathlon swimmer (versus a “real” swimmer!) who races triathlon a lot less than I once did.  And getting in the pool was never my favorite thing to do.  Gerry changed all that by making swim training fun.  He is a true professional and he takes his business – swimming – as serious as a doctor takes theirs.  He divides a given coaching session into lanes of different paces and does a masterful job of pacing the various lanes through the same workout.  He’s incredible.  Throughout his sessions he gives tips and pointers to help with technique.  I also like that, upon inquiring with Gerry about private coaching sessions to take my swimming to the next level – a prime opportunity to make money off me – he suggested that my issue was fitness / endurance and that Ii merely needed to be more consistent in coming to his class; he could have easily sold me on some private coaching, just for the sake of making some easy money, and I appreciate that he didn’t.

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