Deepak Danavar

I highly recommend Gerry’s swim workouts, whether you are training for a triathlon or simply want to take your swimming to the next level. 

I joined him after deciding to start training for my first triathlon, but had not attempted to swim more than 50 continuous yards in over 15 years.  Because his students swim at all levels, I was able to keep up with the class as a whole even though I was initially one of the slower swimmers.  After only a few short weeks, my endurance in the pool quickly began to improve, which ultimately translated into increased speed and more importantly, more confidence during open water swims. 

After seeing the number of people that came to Gerry’s Friday morning open water swims at Tower 26 in Santa Monica, I was even more motivated and inspired to push myself to my limits. These swims are designed to attract swimmers of all levels who, like me, wish to overcome their fears of swimming in open water or perhaps want to improve their open water swim times.  The combination of these intense workouts and Gerry’s personalized guidance helped transform me from someone who once had trouble swimming 50 yards in a pool to someone who confidently completed a .9 mile open water swim in my first triathlon.  Thanks Gerry!

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