Elske Hetebrij

I met Gerry approximately one and half years ago as I was swimming at TriFit Gym in Santa Monica. Since then I prefer Coach Gerry above anyone else.  Gerry is a very friendly guy, with an incredible amount of experience and knowledge on open water swim and swimming and coaching in general. He has a very calm and relaxed appearance, and at the same time he shows a natural kind of authority, which just makes you want to listen to him and do what he tells you to do.

Since Gerry started coaching at TriFit and the Ocean swims in Santa Monica, I have improved my swimming. I am confident to say that he has made a difference in my swimming. I have been swimming all my life, competitive till about the age of 19 and after that in triathlons, and I have had many coaches. Gerry‘s knowledge and approach has brought me back to a level comparable to my better swim years when I was younger.

His pool workouts are hard, but very efficient.  He is good at explaining why we do something, which is for me is very important. I enjoy his presence and want to work hard. When I swim on my own I try to include the things I have learned from him.

By attending the ocean swims that Gerry coaches I became more comfortable in the ocean, in a rougher swim environment. The workouts are extremely helpful to feel comfortable entering and exiting the water, to be aggressive in your start, which is especially important in races, like triathlons. I learned a lot about sighting, knowing where you are going, where are the buoys, what is the current doing, not to be afraid of the waves. Thanks to these workouts I was able to perform very well in last year’s (’09) LA Triathlon where the swim was extremely hard due to ocean conditions, and I won my age group in the 2010 LA Triathlon.

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