Eytan Brandes, 62 years old.

I really loved having Gerry Rodrigues as my coach. He always pushed his swimmers and me to reach our full potential. His workouts were great and not only challenging, but new and interesting too. He knew each of the swimmers names, took a personal interest in each of us. He knew what we did inside and outside of the pool. He knew all of our personal times by heart and was able to make all the swimmers, at all the different levels and age groups, feel important!!!! He made us feel like you were our own personal coach, and that you really were interested in helping each one of us to improve……not just the best swimmers.

It was great having him for my coach and my only regret is that he moved further away so I can’t get to swim with him now. Thank you Gerry for the time we did have to work together and please keep in touch with me.

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