Frank Dann, M.D.

I have been a swim student of Gerry for 15 years. In 1995 his team had only a handful of swimmers—a motley crew with hugely varying abilities: One was an Olympic champion, another was learning to swim. With Gerry’s hard work, the group rapidly expanded into a contender at swim meets throughout all Southern California and beyond. Memorably, every year he brought the UCLA Bruins Masters’ Swim Team to the Holiday Classic at the Belmont Shores pool in Long Beach. From the beginning, every year we had a good presence there and made our mark. I remember that teamwork, camaraderie, hard swimming, and fun were all part of the mix at those swim meets.

For the record, listed below are some of Gerry’s attributes:

  • He teaches stroke mechanics.
  • His workouts are meticulously planned and never the same or boring.
  • He knows each lane’s capabilities and so he can set finely-tuned intervals.
  • Gerry understands that some swimmers want fitness or meet preparation, while others require triathlete training or ocean swim improvement. He can teach it all.
  • Gerry shows up on time for each workout and knows the workout he planned.
  • He is very approachable person and he has a good sense of humor. Slow to upset.
  • Because he is recognized champion swimmer of many types he has great credibility amongst in his team.
  • He has long-term coaching experience.

Any team lucky enough to have Coach Gerry will soon come to appreciate all his wonderful attributes.

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