Helen Timajchi

I have been swimming with the UCLA Bruin Master Swim Club for the last 7 years and had the pleasure of having coach Gerry as our head coach.

One glance at the schedule and seeing his name, and I knew that night all lanes are full. It was unanimous among all of us (more than 400 members) that by far, coach Gerry was one of the best. He was tentative to all (no matter which lane or what level) and would take time correcting our stokes, forms, and helped us to undue the wrong alignments. He always had great and exciting routines for warm up, main set, and cool down; and would encourage us to meet our intervals while maintaining the correct form of each stroke. He helped me tremendously with my free style, breast stroke, proper arms and shoulder alignment which I am grateful.

I never forget the Friday nights (all out for an hour) If Gerry was coaching, everybody was there, no matter how tired we were!

Great coaches like Gerry are hard to come by, I miss him and so does our club. I believe our loss is your gain of having him as a coach, I wish him all the best.

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