Jeannine Lewis

Gerry Rodrigues is a very inspiring and motivating coach.  I participated in the Elisabeth Glaiser mini tri as the swimmer on a relay team for Variety.  I had not swam since the 80’s.  I needed to “get up to speed” as I did not want to let me team down.  Gerry’s coaching and support gave me the confidence to take on the open water 1/2 mile swim at Zuma Beach.  And his lead by example style of coaching continues to be an inspiration. He accepts and coaches all levels of swimmers and though I was in awe of some of the skill level in the Masters program, Gerry made me feel comfortable and not intimidated. I am very excited that he will be starting a Masters Swim at the new location as it is much more convenient for me – Thanks to Gerry I love to swim and look forward to getting back in the water in the Palisades.

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