Jim Waschek

I am a Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA, formally (in the 1970s) having competed in the Big Ten in both collegiate football and wrestling.  I tried various methods to stay in shape, mainly running and biking, but eventually I had problems with these sports.  About ten years ago, a friend from Redondo Beach recommended the master swimming program, and indicated that the UCLA program had a superb coach – Gerry Rodrigues.  I entered the program, even though I had never swum competitively.  Through Gerry’s encouragement, I learned to swim with the team, competed, and improved every year.

However, Gerry is far more than a good teacher and motivator.  His has an uncanny ability to make workouts both challenging and enjoyable for all.  Part of this is because of his excellent organizing skills and focus on individual needs, ensuring that each swimmer would be challenged to the max, regardless of their ability.

The Palisades program is extremely fortunate to have such a superb coach and motivator as Gerry Rodrigues.

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