John Amuedo

President, Signal Inference, Los Angeles, CA.

I swam in Gerry’s masters programs for 10 years. Gerry is unquestionably the finest collegiate masters coach I have been fortunate to swim with. This observation is based on my long-time (20 year) participation in masters programs at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, USC and UCSD.

Gerry brings a unique combination of talents and qualifications to swim coaching — he is a nationally ranked pool and ocean swimmer himself who provides mechanically grounded technical instruction to all who will listen.  Gerry maintains a perpetually optimistic and motivational coaching style on deck, while continuously strives to incorporate new insight and technical innovations into his instruction.

I can recommend Gerry without qualification as a superb swim coach.  Before swimming with Gerry at UCLA, I competed as a sprint butterfly and breaststroker with SCAQ, but was a mediocre freestyle swimmer.  Gerry encouraged me to train for the annual one-hour postal swim (I had never swum continuously that long before), but to my surprise was able to finish it with a time not too much slower than Mark Spitz (at age 50).

I very much look forward to swimming with Gerry again.  Palisades is lucky to have attracted Gerry, and I hope they will make every effort to support him.

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