Kate Pallardy

I would describe Gerry as the swim doctor. I’ve seen so many people come to him with different strengths and weaknesses…. from pro to beginners and he works meticulously with each person in order to make sure they have complete individual attention. He creates quite a unique swim program that elevates our gains in the water as quickly as possible. He attacks the swim from all angles…obviously physical but also teaches open water tactics, mental preparation, and technique and that is absolutely priceless in open water swims. 

 I came to Gerry with the need for my swim to go from one of the last pros out of the water to chasing the lead group of women and that is quite the undertaking. Within three months, I was able to drop about 2 minutes off my half ironman times and 3-4 off my fulls and that put me in the second pack of pro women. Gerry knew I didn’t need a lot of focus on technique but more of the mental strength believing I could hit hard sets and reach deeper. He helped me realize I have much more potential in swimming then I ever knew possible and of course, he pushed me harder and faster than anyone ever has. I know that if I was able to continue to work with Gerry, I could be swimming in the first pack of pro women in less than a year! I continue to take everything he has taught me and put it to good use in the pool everyday. 

Gerry is one man who truly understands what it takes to become a strong open water swimmer. Not only does he know swimming inside and out but he can still kick some major butt in the pool!

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