Kevin Edwards

Boulder, CO. 50-54

I’ve been racing triathlons since 1984. I’ve raced in excess of 150 triathlons at every distance, including 50+ halfs and 9 Ironman distance races. I have qualifyied for Hawaii three times (at Ironman, half-Ironman, and International distance) and raced it twice. I’ve placed in my age group fairly often even though most of my racing has been done in the Boulder area.

I’ve received a lot of swim coaching over the years and I can say without hesitation that Gerry provided me the best, most effective results. He watched me swim once, gave me a few salient tips on stroke, analyzed what I needed, gave me some workouts and after a winter of following his program (swimming alone since I cannot convince him to move to Boulder), I had my best swim year ever, moving up from finishing in the top 70% to top 85%. Bottom line is that Gerry really knows his craft, and is the best swim coach I’ve encountered.

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