Konrad Trope

In high school and college I had coaches for various sports in which I participated: track, cross country, swimming, and football. Most coaches I found to be focused on either on promoting themselves, or only focused their time and attention on just a few of the very best athletes on any given team.
When I took up Masters Swimming with Gerry Rodrigues, I was pleasantly surprised at his completely different style of coaching. Gerry coaches everyone! Everyone is made to feel important.  Everyone’s potential to become a better swimmer is Gerry’s focus.
Though I was not one of the faster swimmers, Gerry always made time to give me individual attention, as he did to everyone, regardless of their experience or skill.  If you want to learn swimming and be coached by someone who is as invested in your growth and development as you are–then swim with Gerry Rodrigues.  I’ve swam with Gerry for over 10 years. He is simply the best.

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