Leor Ziv

When I was first introduced to Gerry Rodrigues about fourteen years ago, I was recovering from multiple ankle surgeries; I was looking for a sport that would fit my condition. Gerry made me fall in love with swimming and I am currently still swimming. During the time I trained with Gerry, I was exposed to other coaches as well which made me realize that he is the best I’ve seen. Gerry has a tremendous ability to make the most out of you. The workouts were hard, very hard. But I felt I had to do it because I could not let Gerry down. Gerry gave me the feeling that together we can reach new heights and I can overcome challenges and all I had to do was to follow his lead. I believe that to be able to create such motivation within your peers, is an important virtue for a coach. When you add also his abilities to teach and to transfer his knowledge to others with such passions shown in each and every single workout – that’s what separates him from other coaches.

The result of my relationship with Gerry is evident by the fact that both my children, Karin (15) and Roy (13) are competitive swimmers as well. Both of them were trained by Gerry Rodrigues while he worked at UCLA, and now I am very proud to watch them compete at a Junior Olympic level.

Thank you Gerry for bringing swimming into our lives. Thank you for making this commitment to such a physically and mentally demanding sport so easy for my family.

Good luck and all the best. You have earned it.

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