Lynne Lussier, President LUSSIER

To All of You Who Are Lucky Enough To Have Coach Gerry Coaching You,

I always enjoyed swimming but until I experienced real coaching from Gerry Rodrigues, I wouldn’t have considered myself a swimmer.  Coach Gerry truly loves swimming, and you can see it in the way he coaches. He was able to refine my stroke, get into my head and motivate all of us at workouts.  He designs sets that are complex and challenging and all the workouts fly by at lightning speed. You leave feeling like a million bucks and, at the same time, wanting more. And all the while, he’s making everyone laugh and want to work harder.   

And you get better–really better–faster, stronger, sharper.  While he’s coaching 30, 40, 50 people, you feel like he’s coaching just you.  Because he’s watching, guiding, adjusting your workout– for YOU.  That’s a great coach.   

 In a word, he’s amazing.  You are all very, very lucky indeed.



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