Marcy Smith

Gerry turned me into a real swimmer opposed to lap swimmer I had been. I started swimming at 45, so that gave me two years before Gerry to develop some really bad habits.  I don’t know if he will MAKE you do the one hour swim, but I had always thought swimming more than a 200 yards straight was a waste of time.  You can imagine when he announced the entire team would be participating in what I think is an insane swim, what my reaction was…but after a lot of hard work I swam 4,000 yards.  Pretty impressive for an old lady with no experience.  

On a personal note, I have a child with a rare life-threatening disease.  During the ups and downs of surgery, Gerry was always a wonderful support. He decided to have a fundraiser that would benefit my Foundation.  To this day it is still the single biggest money maker of any fundraiser I have done.

It is a pleasure to share this with others that will be lucky enough to swim for him; I wish I lived in Pacific Palisades.

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