Mark Montgomery

I was a Los Angeles County Lifeguard for 28 years, as well as a professional triathlete for 15 years. I competed in many ocean races, and had to opportunity to meet Gerry on many occasions. I often would drop in on his workouts, as he would at mine in El Segundo. I have watched him grow form a world class ocean swimmer, into one of the best open water coaches in the world today. He also comes with some of the best pool credentials, coaching many a master swimmer/triathlete to success, and earning national awards from the governing body of masters swimming. Over the past few years I have watched Gerry’s ocean workout group grow to the premier program for triathletes, including some world class professionals. It is nice to know that Gerry once again has a home pool to go with his ocean, and I have no doubt that this program will grow to become one of the best in Southern California. His drive and love of all types of swimming comes through in his athlete’s attitudes and performances, as well as his own performance in the water at each challenge he undertakes. I have and will continue to recommend Gerry to any and all who council my advice in the aquatic world.

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