Marshall Abramczyk

In the past I was a strong swimmer and beginning triathlons I desired to return to my previous condition and met Coach Gerry.  Our first meeting was excellent and I was welcomed immediately.  The focus was not cost or a marketer’s lecture.  It was simple – “Alright, get in and swim.”

My form was returning quickly with no shortness of pointers from Gerry.  Often in Master’s programs the stroke technique is a “learn on your own ordeal.”  No other Masters clubs that I have swum with have brought me into such shape so effectively.

The main reason for my rapid progression was not my previous abilities, rather my motivation derived from the natural leadership and inspiration that Gerry radiated.  It was my goal to impress him and in doing so I pushed myself and strove to give more than required.

End result is that Gerry rapidly turned me into a once again extremely competitive swimmer but more importantly when I get back in the pool without his presence I still think of him as my coach and push myself as I did under his tutelage.  The motivation that he instilled in me will be with me for life.

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