Pat Abe, Palisades resident

Having not come from a swim background and needing to be able to complete a 2.4 mile swim was a bit daunting.  I was told to go to the best and was directed to Gerry Rodrigues.  Approaching Gerry for the first time on deck at one of his renowned master swim workouts, surrounded by world class swimmers, he welcomed me openly introducing me by name to my fellow lane mates; they were just like me, recreational swimmers wanting to get a good solid workout, wanting to increase strength, endurance and/or speed or preparing for one of the Master’s Swim tournaments.  Gerry coaches his workouts to fit all needs by tailoring each lane workout by ability and goals from the professional elite to the recreational swimmer.  His workouts are challenging and his style motivating. In addition to the pool time, Gerry promotes team comradery outside of the pool leading to long lasting friendships and fun. Gerry is my swim coach and will always be.

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