Patrick K. Doyle, O.D.

Swimming with Gerry Rodrigues I can attest that he is a very personable, motivating and inspirational coach.  And in amazingly good shape himself. After almost 15 years away from the pool it was amazing how close I got to my best times with putting in much less training time; Gerry’s coaching and encouragement helped me do that.

Swimming is a sport takes quite a bit of dedication and time to be successful. Gerry will be supportive on you reaching your full potential and you will gladly follow his advice and coaching. It is always refreshing to be around a coach that leads by example.  Mainly because it is comforting to know that the coach on the deck is working as hard as you are.

 So if getting back into swimming is something you have been putting off or if you want to reach your full potential Gerry is a great inspiration for success.

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