Paul Oppenheim

I was a member of Ucla Bruins Masters for 6 years under the leadership of Coach Gerry Rodrigues. During the week I also travelled throughout the United States for work and participating in approximately 30 other Masters Swim Programs. I can honestly say that Coach Gerry is 100% positively the absolute best Coach out of about 30 Masters I dropped in on. Please find below top 10 reasons:

#1 He actually Coaches instead of leaving a billboard for work out.

#2 He knows each and every swimmer’s level to ensure all lanes are best utilized.

#3 His work outs are extremely well planned to make each swimmer advance.

#4 His strict rules and regiment make all member’s experience beneficial.

#5 He has helped me and others grow with our swimming skills both personally and in competitive swimming.

#6 He will Coach one to levels one never new they could achieve.

#7 His personality and personal swim skill set gains instant respect from all members.

#8 He hires great assistant coach staffing that follow his guidelines and same coaching philosophy.

#9 He has contacts with best of best swimmers in world such as Mark Spitz and Lenny Krayzelberg.

#10 If one’s goal is to get in shape and be best swimmer one can be…one need only to show up ON TIME and follow his Coaching Discipline..one will advance with their swimming skill levels and be the best that they can be in swimming.

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