Rachel Joyce

Professional Triathlete, 5th Place overall woman at Hawaii Ironman.

My pre-Kona training was based in Santa Monica.  My coach, Matt Dixon, introduced me to Gerry and told me that I should get myself along to some of his sessions. More than a handful of people who I had told about my trip to LA had asked, “So, you’re going to hook up with Gerry?”  I’m a swimmer by background, and although I am always keen to improve I kind of treat my swim as one of the more “sorted” disciplines in triathlon.  I have swum with a fair few squads but Gerry’s sessions are different.  They are not about making your rep times faster in the pool (although they probably achieve that too) but about making you fitter and faster for the triathlon swim.  Gerry very quickly was able to give me a couple of pointers about my stroke and  the sessions I did with his squad prepared me for the scrum start in Kona and the changes in pace I’d need to react to in order to keep with a fast pack.  It worked!  I swam one minute quicker than last year, despite tougher conditions and no full length speed suit and I can now say I was the first woman out the water at the Ironman World Championships.  Thank you Gerry!

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