Reilly Smith

Gerry will dispute this, but I owe him mostly everything. When we met, I was little more than a big talking fool. I started swimming with Tower 26 and going through some of the hardest workouts of my life. I was suffering, choking on water, screaming below the surface. But I stuck with it day after day, month after month. Then I started making podiums in my AG. Then I started winning them. Someday, I see myself on the starting line of a pro field, not just happy to be there, but ready to compete. None of this would be a reality without Tower 26. That’s a fact. Any baseless coach can put together a workout that’s “hard.” With Gerry, there’s a deep rooted understanding of what it takes to become better, no matter the level of the swimmer. I bought in from the moment we met. It’s almost secondary to mention that I have become a much faster swimmer, and that every month I get faster. Primary to me is that Tower 26 has become a second family. I will always be a big talking fool – that will never change. At least now I can begin to call myself a contender. Thanks G.

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