Robert T. Rubin, MD, PhD

As one of the original Masters swimmers when Masters swimming began in the late 1960s, I can say that I have a long-term perspective on the program and how it has developed over the last 40 years. I investigated the Bruin Masters Club and was impressed by its dynamism and large cadre of swimmers of all ages.  Gerry Rodrigues had begun the Bruin Masters in the mid-1990s and, as its Head Coach, was its driving force and spirit.  I joined the Club at age 70 and found a cohort of swimmers in my age group who were highly motivated and very friendly.  Coach Gerry was a demanding coach, recognizing that workouts are serious business with an important goal–to improve performance in competitions.  He is smart, with years of experience in the Masters program.  He is driven to maximize his team’s performance at meets, because his competitive spirit is very strong.  He knows Masters swimming and its rules very well and personally offered me advice about my technique that allowed me, for example, to learn butterfly at age 70+.  I benefited considerably from his several years of coaching during workouts and his personal advice on technique and strategy.

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