Robert Wang

Chairman, Our Castle Homes, LLC

I have known Coach Gerry since 2000 and it is without exaggeration when I state that I would not have accomplished my athletic endeavors without Gerry.

I decided that I would participate in the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. My challenge was that I did not know how to swim at all when I signed up for the event. When I presented my challenge to Gerry, he expressed concern regarding the wisdom and safety of such an endeavor when I did not know how to swim at all.  It was only when Gerry realized that my mind had been made up and that I was going to attempt this endeavor regardless of anyone’s skepticism that he agreed to take on the challenge of teaching me how to swim. Gerry was patient, thoughtful, and relentless in his effort to train me, and he did so without missing a beat while running the Masters program concurrently every evening at the same time.  I completed the triathlon successfully (albeit one of the last to exit the water) and this experience remains the most satisfying physical accomplishment of my life.

It is a true and accurate statement that I could not have completed the swim at Alcatraz if not for Coach Gerry’s training; it was the combination of his training technique, communications skills, and importantly his genuine care and concern that made it possible for me to complete one of the most challenging swims in a triathlon.  Continuing to train with Gerry, it was easy to realize why Coach Gerry is considered one of the best swim coaches in the country, whether it is a Masters program, open water, or triathlon training.

I was delighted to learn that Gerry is at the Pacific Palisades pool to train triathletes, and conduct trainings in a Masters program and open water swimming.  The pool is indeed fortunate to secure such a world class trainer and I believe Coach Gerry will bring prestige and distinction to the Pacific Palisades pool.

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