Rodolfo Costella

Managing Partner, CA’del Sole

Before I started working with Coach Gerry, I would have never believed that I would eventually have the stamina to swim for several miles – and feel great after completing the swim! I had the pleasure of receiving swimming instruction and coaching from Gerry for a period that spanned more than five years.  As a result I have developed a true passion for swimming.

Gerry understood what I was trying to accomplish, and targeted his approach to my specific goals, as well as my physical condition.  He had a good sense of where my limitations were at any given point in my development, and he would push me reach my potential – without my having to worry about overdoing it and possibly getting injured.  This allowed me to make remarkable progress from week to week, building my confidence and fostering a positive “can-do” attitude as I endeavored to become a better swimmer. 

Gerry Rodrigues knows how to keep the energy level high – the mood positive.  I would leave my swimming sessions feeling renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on any challenge that presented itself.  I would highly recommend Gerry Rodrigues to any swim program that is seeking a combination of coaching skill and warm personality style.

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