Ryan Vaughn

I love Gerry’s coaching.  I swam competitively from 6 years old to 18 years old, and I swam masters at UCSD for 4 years in college.  My entire swim career up to his program had been about endurance and training.  Gerry brought an understanding of technique to my swimming that I never had before.  I learned more about improving my stroke in the 2 years I swam with him, than in all of the previous years combined.  

I always felt his workouts to be reasoned and structured and never randomly assigned.  It was great to always feel like we were working towards a goal, whether it is an open water challenge, distance charity event, or a sprint meet.

I train hard, and I am often injured, and he always made it easy to modify a workout to my condition while allowing me to stay in the lane I was accustomed to.  The friends you make at workout are important so it’s good to be able to stick by them.

 Good luck at the Palisades Gerry.  If I strike it rich and get a house up there you know I’d be in your pool in a second.

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