Stacey Stern, Palisades resident

I don’t come from a swimming background, I’m a triathlete and I don’t even really like the water (don’t tell Gerry!) but after swimming with Gerry several times a week for the last year, not only have I gotten faster, but my confidence in the water has improved tremendously.  Gerry Rodrigues is well-known for being one of the best open water coaches around, but what really sets him apart, in my opinion, is his passion for swimming.  He loves swimming and he loves coaching.  Whether you have a swim background or not, whether you are fast or slow in the water, Gerry takes a genuine interest in each person he coaches and will guide you through the workouts you need to make you a better, faster swimmer.  Gerry’s challenging (but fun!) workouts builds your fitness, but also focus on the skills needed to swim (and race) well in open water.  He finds unique ways to incorporate open water swimming and racing skills (sighting, drafting, and even buoy turns!) into pool workouts.  Swimming with Gerry will absolutely give you the fitness, skills, and confidence to toe the line at any race, knowing that you are “Race Ready”!

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