Steve Munatones

Gerry teaches the same techniques, skills and tactics during his Tower 26 workouts as he recently taught to Eva Fabian, a then 5′-1″ 15-year-old who burst upon the world’s scene in marathon swimming. These skills and techniques are quite developed and specialized just as is the ability to compete in the Tour de France requires endurance, tactics and skills.

If you are a 1.5 kilometer swimmer who swims in 30 minutes, but wants to do it in 26 minutes, go to Gerry’s Tower 26 workouts. If you are a 26-minute swimmer, but want to do it in 23 minutes, talk to Gerry. If you are a 23-minute swimmer who wants to do it in 19 minutes, listen to Gerry. Eva did it and she has propelled herself among the world’s elites.

Disclaimer: I have traveled the world reporting on open water swimmers and ocean events, observing hundreds of coaches in action, but I consider Gerry a good friend and colleague.

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