Susan Harbert, Palisades resident

Gerry is a one of a kind swim coach. As a marathon runner, I have had experience training with great coaches. What makes Gerry so special is his attention to detail, critical in swimming because it is such a technical sport. Since everyone’s athletic level is different, he tailors each workout to his client’s level of ability and fitness taking into account personal goals. He keeps meticulous notes of progress. The workouts are challenging without being exhausting. I have run 7 marathons, but always wanted to compete in a triathlon. My overwhelming fear of the ocean swim kept me on the beach cheering my friends. Gerry helped me conquer that hurdle by encouraging me to join his group ocean swim. I was ready to quit after the first lap, but he convinced me that the first lap was the hardest. He was right. I finished the workout and completed my first triathlon, placing 3rd in my age group. Surprisingly I beat the 1st place finisher out of the water. I could not have done it without Gerry’s superior coaching and support.

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