Thomas F. Wood, M.D. Palisades resident

I am extremely pleased that Gerry Rodrigues will be swim instructing at the new Maggie Gilbert Aquatic Center.  I have known Gerry for more than 2 years, and over that time his swim mentoring has helped me a great deal.  Although I have completed multiple Ironman triathlons, with Gerry’s instruction I have become a much more confident and competent swimmer.  Gerry is an internationally recognized expert swimmer and is sought out for his expertise as a swim instructor. Since I have known Gerry, I have seen a number of elite level triathletes (World Class) travel here to have Gerry help improve their swim. Gerry is incredibly personable and is able to help not only elite athletes, but beginner swimmers as well. It is obvious to me, that having him at the Palisades pool will be an enormous asset and benefit to our community.  I am so excited that Gerry will be involved with the new Palisades pool and look forward to swimming with him there.

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