Tyler Stewart

Ironman champion, Half ironman champion.

I had the pleasure of swimming with Gerry last year as I got ready for a triathlon in that area.  I’ve never had more fun swimming in my life, or at least in the last 7 years that I have been swimming.  I’m not a great swimmer but if Gerry were up in my area I can guarantee I would get to the pool more and become a better swimmer.  I always thought pool swimming was about swimming back and forth (boring)!  My first day with Gerry we were getting ourselves in and out of the pool on both ends in between laps, doing dolphin dives (much like you do at the beginning of an open water swim), working on drafting and swimming harder than i ever had.  The time flew by; I was so entertained by doing something besides just swimming back and forth.  I truly believe that Gerry can teach anyone to swim in the open water by teaching them in a pool!  Gerry, move to San Francisco!  😉

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