Matt Dixon of Purplepatch Fitness


Gerry Rodrigues is simply the best swimming coach I have met (let alone Open Water Coach). He has been tremendously helpful with all of my professional athletes who I have sent to see him for specific instruction and help. Any swimmer or triathlete in the LA area not …utilizing his program is missing something very special. It is wonderful to see the Tower 26 evolve. He was my swim coach when I raced..

Brent Forrester, Palisades resident


I am a 43 year old guy with no swimming background. The moment I began swimming with Gerry, I knew I was in the presence of an elite coach. In his workouts, Gerry is a genius at creating different combinations of distance and speed, in a way that instantly transformed my swimming from a boring way to train, to a sport I was excited to do every day.  In just a few months, I went from being a race “participant” to a top local swim-run competitor, consistently winning my age division in the Playa del Run summer race series. This year at the Malibu Tri, I posted the 13th fastest swim overall in a field over 1500 swimmers, beating every swimmer under the age of 30. It is not an exaggeration to say that I owe my success as a local racer almost entirely to the coaching of Gerry Rodrigues. If you are lucky enough to have Gerry train you, for God’s sake, go for it. You owe it to yourself to experience elite athletic coaching, and its power to affect your life, as it has affected mine.

Leslie Steiner, Palisades resident


I started swimming with Gerry Rodrigues last year when a friend of mine said if I wanted to get faster and have more fun with my swim then I needed to take a few lessons from the best. At the time I had completed one triathlon and was thinking of doing more but because of my age (50) I felt I should l have started a long time ago to be any good. After swimming with Gerry for a few months my stroke got stronger – more efficient- I was having more fun swimming than ever before. He also coached me in the ocean and all of a sudden I felt like I could do these triathlons. Because of Gerry I have now completed 3 triathlons and placed in the top 15 in my age group. Anyone who wants to become a better swimmer and enjoy it more should absolutely swim with Gerry.

Mitch Gaylord


Gymnast, 1984 Olympic Gold medalist.

On the road to Olympic Gold I’ve had the good fortune to have been exposed to some of the best coaches my sport had to offer. Years later, when I decided to take up swimming I had the good fortune yet again, to meet up with Coach Gerry Rodrigues. He definitely had his work cut out for him with this “fish out of water” Olympic gymnast—let’s just say I wasn’t exactly a “natural” in this sport. After several months of listening, learning, and applying his techniques, my experience culminated in a two Mile pier to pier ocean swim and a continued love for being in the water. I’m eternally grateful to Coach Gerry for his guidance, patience, and expertise… Not only is he a great coach, he’s a great human being.

Lenny Krayzelberg


4-time Olympic Gold Medalist.

Gerry’s knowledge, experience and passion for swimming are one of a kind. If it were not for him, I may not have made the 2004 Olympic team. His mentoring and support during my career was important part of my ascent to be the fastest backstroke in the world. Gerry is also the open water swim guru, and if I were training for the Olympics again in open water or trying to be a triathlete, I’d look nowhere else but to him.

Chris Jerde


Gerry Rodrigues is simply the best coach that I’ve experienced in any sport. Not only does he provide the experience and expertise of a world-class coach, he also knows how to inspire less advanced swimmers to improve. My speed and technique improved dramatically in less than 1 year of training under Gerry. Having trained under other coaches, my speed simply did not improve in spite of weekly masters swim workouts. Under Gerry, I am a faster swimmer and the results are apparent. Yes, it took a lot of hard work on my part, but Gerry’s encouragement and teachings made all the difference. At races I used to be at the back of the pack, now I’m swimming with the better athletes. It’s a great feeling. Thanks Gerry.

Mel Shapiro


Gerry taught me to swim. I was 64 years old, recently recovering from a heart attack and quintuple by-pass. I had a fear of water, an element I had avoided all my life.  Gerry said if I was committed, he would teach me. I joined the Bruin Masters swim club, he helped teach me and eventually I joined the swimmers in lane 8. I am still in lane 8, holding my own. If it were not for Gerry I would never have learned; I would never have pushed myself, never have achieved any of the skills I have now, rather I would have given up, grown old, fat and unhealthy, like I was. I can truly say, Gerry is a great coach, a born coach, and I was very lucky to meet and work with him. He changed my life.

Distinguished professor, UCLA

David Leviadin, M.D.


Gerry is truly an extraordinary swim instructor and coach. His love and dedication to the sport is palpable—just watch him swim. He works hard and demands the same of his athletes, but more importantly, he cares about his students and teaches them how to face adversity in life. I had learned free style swimming as a child and entered his Masters program with poor form and conditioning. Thanks to Gerry I learned proper stroke technique and balance, bilateral breathing, and how to be fast and efficient in water. I now swim all four strokes and am in the best shape of my life.

I highly readily recommend Gerry Rodrigues to my friends, family and patients who are interested in learning or improving their swimming technique and conditioning.

Edward J. O’Connor, M.D.


Gerry Rodrigues is one of the best, if not the best, masters swim coach. For thirteen years I benefited from his coaching at the UCLA Master’s Program and always wished he had been my college coach. Gerry was always on time, informed, fun and willing to teach everyone from the pure novice to the former Olympians. You just can’t match his combination of ability, knowledge and personality. He loves the sport and those around him will too. He also engenders a great sense of community amongst the swimmers. If you have a chance to have Gerry as a coach-Take It!!

Martyn Green, M.D.


Coach Gerry changed my life.  When I first met Gerry, I was overweight and never swam in my life.  Not only that, I have a body like an anchor, I am not buoyant at all.  He has the patience of a saint. He worked with me and made the workouts fun. He never made me feel out of place or inferior to anyone. I have been involved in athletics my whole life and Gerry is certainly one of the best coaches I have ever had.  He prepared me for one of the greatest challenges of my life, escaping from “Alcatraz”.