Kelly G. Chrisman

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President, CourtRoom Presentations, Inc.

Coach Gerry Rodrigues is simply the best pool and open water coach in the business. His years of experience, knowledge, ethics, and commitment to his clients are unsurpassed by none other. Utilizing his coaching via pool and open water “Tower 26” training I was able to fulfill my desire to compete in triathlons in a relatively short time. Whether you are a beginner, novice or pro Coach Gerry is a must for your training.

Mark Masten


I appreciate Gerry’s individualized approach, encouragement, and enthusiasm. He has transformed me from someone who would never think of swimming for exercise to someone who now enjoys all aspects of the training, feels confident in the pool and open water swims, and ready to take on my 1st tri.  Something I wouldn’t even have considered 12 months ago.

Karen Barna


About six weeks before Malibu 2009, I got thrown into the washing machine at a swim clinic and realized I was literally in over my head. Luckily, I found Gerry Rodrigues. With a program of weekly coaching sessions and grueling daily practices (I was literally in the pool 1.5 hours a day to complete his workouts), he helped turn an asthmatic 41 year old non-swimmer into a triathlete. I know that I never would have gotten past the swim if it hadn’t been for Gerry.

Ian O’dwyer

I can’t say enough great things about Coach Gerry.  I was struggling badly with my swimming and it was really frustrating me and affecting my triathlon finish times.  After just a couple of lessons with Coach Gerry, my basic form
was vastly improved and I was rapidly able to unlearn my bad habits and start to reinforce the new ones.  Gerry’s coaching is always clear, easy to understand and follow and his sense of humor always makes a hard workout just
a little easier.  Thanks to Gerry’s coaching I no longer dread getting in the water and actually enjoy my time swimming.

Rolanda Mendelle

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Gerry is a rare find; a master coach. Possessing a keen eye and an unassuming manner, he speaks uniquely to you, guiding you to the next level. He even got a terrified me through a national championship!

Mikkel Bondesen

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While I was getting ready for my very first Ironman I supplemented my swim training by taking three private sessions with Gerry. Within minutes he was able to tell me exactly where I would be able to make tangible improvements. I worked hard at implementing these changes, and by doing so was able to swim a 1:03 in my first Ironman and felt great coming out of the water. I’ve since taken to calling Gerry “the swim whisperer”…

Babak Nehoray


Simply put: Gerry Rodrigues is one the top swimming coaches in the world. His depth of experience both as a swimmer and a coach are rarely matched. Coach Gerry has the intensity and the intelligence to work and swim with the world’s elite/Olympic swimmers yet the patience to train the devoted beginner. His workouts are smart, efficient, intense and effective. He knows exactly how far to push his swimmers so they achieve their best. And because of his own wealth of swimming experience, he knows exactly what a swimmer is sensing; he does not miss a single nuance of a stroke. Coach Gerry is completely devoted to the art and sport of swimming and has the capacity, ability, and the love to transfer our abilities as land loving bipeds into bodies moving efficiently and swiftly in the liquid medium.

Laurie DeYoung


Gerry’s reputation is that he is the best swim coach around.  I have always been a swimmer and had the attitude that I could not improve my swim.  This year, I suffered in some important triathlon swims and contacted Gerry with the hopes of addressing the root of my recent problems.  Gerry immediately analyzed every facet of my swim and elicited valuable information about my attitude and commitment to swimming.  We dissected my swim and separately discussed arm stroke, breathing, body position, body movement and kicking.  Gerry’s program is tailored to me; I’m completely motivated because I feel like my eyes are open to a huge window of improvement.  For the first time in a long time, I am excited to swim.  Thanks Gerry.

Jorge Balbas


Nearly two years ago, after a challenging first open water swim during the Hermosa Beach Triathlon, I decided to take on a bigger challenge: swim across the Strait of Gibraltar.  As part of my training, I attended several of Coach Gerry Rodrigues’ Tower 26 open water workouts, and as the date of my crossing approached, I sought further advise from him.  Coach Gerry is knowledgeable, dedicated and highly professional, his work discipline and encouragement were an invaluable source of motivation and helped me develop the confidence I needed to achieve my goal.

Kate Pallardy


I would describe Gerry as the swim doctor. I’ve seen so many people come to him with different strengths and weaknesses…. from pro to beginners and he works meticulously with each person in order to make sure they have complete individual attention. He creates quite a unique swim program that elevates our gains in the water as quickly as possible. He attacks the swim from all angles…obviously physical but also teaches open water tactics, mental preparation, and technique and that is absolutely priceless in open water swims. 

 I came to Gerry with the need for my swim to go from one of the last pros out of the water to chasing the lead group of women and that is quite the undertaking. Within three months, I was able to drop about 2 minutes off my half ironman times and 3-4 off my fulls and that put me in the second pack of pro women. Gerry knew I didn’t need a lot of focus on technique but more of the mental strength believing I could hit hard sets and reach deeper. He helped me realize I have much more potential in swimming then I ever knew possible and of course, he pushed me harder and faster than anyone ever has. I know that if I was able to continue to work with Gerry, I could be swimming in the first pack of pro women in less than a year! I continue to take everything he has taught me and put it to good use in the pool everyday. 

Gerry is one man who truly understands what it takes to become a strong open water swimmer. Not only does he know swimming inside and out but he can still kick some major butt in the pool!