Stewart Given


I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to train with and learn from Gerry over the last few years.  His dedication and inspiration have certainly made me a better swimmer and athlete.  If someone had told me 20 years ago that I would be swimming faster and enjoying it more at the age of 56 than 36, I would have scheduled them for a psychiatric exam.  So, thanks Gerry.  I hope to be swimming with you for another 20 years.

Cassie Maguire


I have known Gerry Rodrigues since the beginning of my swim career in the early 90’s. Gerry motivated me to improve my swimming ability to include overall times, technique, team events, and personal goals. He is extremely committed; he provides hard, enduring workouts along with being able to energize a group and did much to improve the growth and level of our club.  Gerry has outstanding leadership abilities.  Speaking for myself and others, he consistently demonstrated the ability to motivate us to be the best that we could be to understand the relationship between hard work and improvement.

Gerry is one of the most knowledgeable people when it comes to any execution of swimming. I can recommend him without any reservation whatsoever.

Sam Belcher

I’ve swum in 8 different programs over 20 years due to my job. Gerry’s workouts and coaching is the best! When I moved to LA I tried another well known program but after two weeks it was not for me. They had great swimmers, but coaches were late or missed, they never knew my name, and seemed unprepared in workouts. I felt like I was at a flee market.
I then met Gerry, a no frills guy that just coaches with absolutely passion, commitment, and purpose. He asked me my goals on day 1, then helped set a road map to achieve them; I did my part and he kept encouraging me, certainly doing his. He has a unique way of making you feel you are the most important person in the pool, then you look around and notice 20 others feeling the same. Bottom line, Gerry delivers! 

Elske Hetebrij


I met Gerry approximately one and half years ago as I was swimming at TriFit Gym in Santa Monica. Since then I prefer Coach Gerry above anyone else.  Gerry is a very friendly guy, with an incredible amount of experience and knowledge on open water swim and swimming and coaching in general. He has a very calm and relaxed appearance, and at the same time he shows a natural kind of authority, which just makes you want to listen to him and do what he tells you to do.

Since Gerry started coaching at TriFit and the Ocean swims in Santa Monica, I have improved my swimming. I am confident to say that he has made a difference in my swimming. I have been swimming all my life, competitive till about the age of 19 and after that in triathlons, and I have had many coaches. Gerry‘s knowledge and approach has brought me back to a level comparable to my better swim years when I was younger.

His pool workouts are hard, but very efficient.  He is good at explaining why we do something, which is for me is very important. I enjoy his presence and want to work hard. When I swim on my own I try to include the things I have learned from him.

By attending the ocean swims that Gerry coaches I became more comfortable in the ocean, in a rougher swim environment. The workouts are extremely helpful to feel comfortable entering and exiting the water, to be aggressive in your start, which is especially important in races, like triathlons. I learned a lot about sighting, knowing where you are going, where are the buoys, what is the current doing, not to be afraid of the waves. Thanks to these workouts I was able to perform very well in last year’s (’09) LA Triathlon where the swim was extremely hard due to ocean conditions, and I won my age group in the 2010 LA Triathlon.

Leslie Pollner


Although I swam competitively in high school, Gerry took my swimming to a whole new level and motivated me to compete in several triathalons, something I never thought I would do. Because of Gerry’s coaching, I have become a lifelong Masters swimmer.

Wes Hein


I did not start swimming until I was 37 and yet before my 38th birthday I had swum from Alcatraz to shore (twice). I credit two things for being able to do this. First, joining a Masters Swimming program that provided structure as well as support and friendship of like-minded swimmers. Second, was the coaching of Gerry Rodrigues — who operated the program in a professional manner with unwavering emphasis on each participant achieving their full potential whether that be going to the Nationals or just being fit.

Robert Lawrence


I have swum with Gerry Rodriques in his capacity as both a private coach and as the leader of the UCLA Bruin Masters for over 15 years. As one of the original team members, I saw from the beginning how Gerry created a dynasty of amazing swimmers of every age and ability. Over the years, Gerry’s tireless dedication and enthusiasm made our workouts a fun and memorable experience. His personalized expert instruction and creative drills improved my times to the point where I, a recent convert to serious swimming, was in the top five out of the water in my age group in almost every triathlon I entered.  Many of my fellow Bruin Masters team mates became close friends of mine, and his workouts made swimming one of the most challenging yet pleasurable activities of my long “weekend warrior” athletic career. Whether you’re a former All-American or someone who is just looking for a great workout in the water, you can’t do better than “Coach Gerry”.

Robert T. Rubin, MD, PhD


As one of the original Masters swimmers when Masters swimming began in the late 1960s, I can say that I have a long-term perspective on the program and how it has developed over the last 40 years. I investigated the Bruin Masters Club and was impressed by its dynamism and large cadre of swimmers of all ages.  Gerry Rodrigues had begun the Bruin Masters in the mid-1990s and, as its Head Coach, was its driving force and spirit.  I joined the Club at age 70 and found a cohort of swimmers in my age group who were highly motivated and very friendly.  Coach Gerry was a demanding coach, recognizing that workouts are serious business with an important goal–to improve performance in competitions.  He is smart, with years of experience in the Masters program.  He is driven to maximize his team’s performance at meets, because his competitive spirit is very strong.  He knows Masters swimming and its rules very well and personally offered me advice about my technique that allowed me, for example, to learn butterfly at age 70+.  I benefited considerably from his several years of coaching during workouts and his personal advice on technique and strategy.

Paul Graves PhD


I haven’t had a ton of coaches in my swim career but Gerry Rodrigues without a doubt was the best.  Besides his dedication and hard work coming up with interesting and challenging sets and his knowledge and emphasis on technique and form, it was his ability to inspire me to want to challenge myself.  Perhaps it was his example of hard work or the seriousness and pride he took in coaching or some other less identifiable leadership quality, but more than any other coach I gave and wanted to give far more effort to improve when he coached.

Craig Cooper


I have been swimming with Coach Gerry for 10 years.  I started out a complete novice and had to be told to “lose the board shorts” for Masters swimming.  Over the years I gained fitness, technique and open water experience from Gerry’s teachings.  It culminated this summer where I placed first in my division in the Sprint distance Los Angeles Triathlon.  More surprisingly, I also had the fastest swim time in my division.  I NEVER would have thought that possible.  Obviously, there is a method to Gerry’s madness!