Jonathan Fischer


Gerry is an amazing coach.  I was a triathlete and swimming was my weakest discipline.  Swimming with Gerry I was able to significantly improve my times.  More importantly, I became a much better and more efficient swimmer overall.  Gerry always provided individualized tips and managed to customize the workouts for swimmers of all abilities despite having tons of people in the pool at the same time.  I used to dread swimming laps, but Gerry’s coaching really changed that for me.

Larry Clark, President Aragon Holdings


Coach Gerry is one of, if not the best, swim coach I’ve ever had.  His focus on technique has helped me glide through the water faster and easier, thus producing much better swim times in my triathlon competitions.

Inna Gergel


I can say without any hesitation that Gerry is an excellent coach.  Gerry helped me to cultivate the love of swimming.  He is someone who loves and knows swimming.  It is invaluable to have a coach who not only knows the sport but also loves it.  I swam on Gerry’s team for twelve years and he was a true constant for me.  I have often told him that seeing him at 5:45 or 6:45 in the morning meant that all was well.  With his help and inspiration swimming became an integral part of my life.  I am and will always be grateful to him.

Ryan Vaughn


I love Gerry’s coaching.  I swam competitively from 6 years old to 18 years old, and I swam masters at UCSD for 4 years in college.  My entire swim career up to his program had been about endurance and training.  Gerry brought an understanding of technique to my swimming that I never had before.  I learned more about improving my stroke in the 2 years I swam with him, than in all of the previous years combined.  

I always felt his workouts to be reasoned and structured and never randomly assigned.  It was great to always feel like we were working towards a goal, whether it is an open water challenge, distance charity event, or a sprint meet.

I train hard, and I am often injured, and he always made it easy to modify a workout to my condition while allowing me to stay in the lane I was accustomed to.  The friends you make at workout are important so it’s good to be able to stick by them.

 Good luck at the Palisades Gerry.  If I strike it rich and get a house up there you know I’d be in your pool in a second.

John Clothier, M.D.


As a former professional triathlete and practicing sports medicine physician I have had the chance to witness Gerry both in open water swims and as a coach. He understands the mechanisms by which we swim, the motivation that it takes to achieve goals, and the community that keeps us coming to workouts in an enjoyable forum.  Gerry is a peoples person, smart, and generous with his swimming wisdom.  He is highly recommended.

Glen Christiansen

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Excellent website for a great program with a fantastic Coach!!!!

Olympic swimmer 1980
Olympic Coach 1996
World Masters Champion 1986, 1988, 1998, 2002, 2004, 2010

Nick Gardner


I swam with Gerry at UCLA for five years.  He always gives great workouts, with variety, interest, and purpose.  He has a year round plan for training which keeps workouts interesting and directed.  Because he swims his own workouts, you know his mind and heart are in them.  He’s always on time – we never missed a workout for lack of a coach.  He is attentive to all ability levels. 

But what makes Gerry an exceptional coach is his ability to motivate, to draw out your best efforts.  Many coaches can give good workout sets and offer tips, but few can actually inspire you to swim better.  He has the gift for knowing each swimmer’s ability and goals, and – even on a daily basis – seems to know what you are capable of doing and how to motivate you to go faster/farther – all in a positive way.

Cyndi Gallagher, Head Coach, UCLA Swimming


I have known Gerry Rodrigues for over 20 years….he is an amazing coach!  He is committed, hardworking and passionate about swimming and coaching.  He is an expert in ocean swimming and is always looking for ways to make you a better athlete.

Sam Warriner, Pro Triathlete


“The morning open water swim sessions at Tower 26 have been amazing and invaluable. Gerry’s ability to simulate what happens in a triathlon swim is amazing. His knowledge is impeccable and the way he delivers it will leave you knowing you can tackle any situation that pops up in a race. It does not matter what ability, Gerry will give you some personal tip to work on, to improve your own open water swimming. The confidence I have got from his sessions is amazing and a factor that has helped me get out with the best swimmers in Triathlon. When ever I am in LA it is a must for me to attend. I may not be the best pool swimmer but in open water thanks to Gerry I have the skills to be a good open water swimmer, Thanks Gerry and see you in LA soon.”

Reilly Smith


Gerry will dispute this, but I owe him mostly everything. When we met, I was little more than a big talking fool. I started swimming with Tower 26 and going through some of the hardest workouts of my life. I was suffering, choking on water, screaming below the surface. But I stuck with it day after day, month after month. Then I started making podiums in my AG. Then I started winning them. Someday, I see myself on the starting line of a pro field, not just happy to be there, but ready to compete. None of this would be a reality without Tower 26. That’s a fact. Any baseless coach can put together a workout that’s “hard.” With Gerry, there’s a deep rooted understanding of what it takes to become better, no matter the level of the swimmer. I bought in from the moment we met. It’s almost secondary to mention that I have become a much faster swimmer, and that every month I get faster. Primary to me is that Tower 26 has become a second family. I will always be a big talking fool – that will never change. At least now I can begin to call myself a contender. Thanks G.