Thomas F. Wood, M.D. Palisades resident

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I am extremely pleased that Gerry Rodrigues will be swim instructing at the new Maggie Gilbert Aquatic Center.  I have known Gerry for more than 2 years, and over that time his swim mentoring has helped me a great deal.  Although I have completed multiple Ironman triathlons, with Gerry’s instruction I have become a much more confident and competent swimmer.  Gerry is an internationally recognized expert swimmer and is sought out for his expertise as a swim instructor. Since I have known Gerry, I have seen a number of elite level triathletes (World Class) travel here to have Gerry help improve their swim. Gerry is incredibly personable and is able to help not only elite athletes, but beginner swimmers as well. It is obvious to me, that having him at the Palisades pool will be an enormous asset and benefit to our community.  I am so excited that Gerry will be involved with the new Palisades pool and look forward to swimming with him there.

Stephen McPherson, Palisades resident

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I had no swim training background prior to last year; I was a soccer player. Gerry Rodrigues’ coaching took me from just getting by at 2:10/100 pace, to 1:35/100 in 8 months. I set my first triathlon swim goal with him on our initial phone call, and then we both executed our parts. He’s a professional with a knowledge base and experience like no other, plus he’s done it himself as an athlete. He’s realistic, committed, and runs specifically targeted workouts for optimal results.

Whether you are a newbie to the sport like I was looking for a coach, a pro searching for the optimal guiding leadership and coaching experience, or, a sponsor looking to associate with quality and integrity; he’s your man.

Courtney B. Conte, Palisades resident

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Gerry Rodrigues is, in my opinion, THE very best swimming coach I have ever had the privilege of working with. He has always been a pleasure to deal with personally and as a coach has been able to push me in a way that I never would have been able to do on my own, nor would any other coach have kicked me into line the way Gerry has – my training buddies and I joke that “we started as manatees and Gerry turned us into dolphins! I am a native Los Angelan, who has been a resident / citizen of the Santa Monica and Pacific Palisades communities for the past 15-20 years. Over the last five years I have hired and worked with a dozen different trainers, coaches, and nutritionists in order to whip my 54-yr-old butt into shape. I’ve been a member at the Venice Gold’s Gym for 5 years where I’ve been trained by various professionals, and just in the last couple years have I started swimming and seriously training for triathlons; working with a handful of different swimming professionals. I know that other adults will benefit from having access to Gerry’s coaching skills. This is my sincere testimonial for Gerry Rodrigues as the best selection for swimming coach at the Palisades Pool.

Paul Silka, M.D. Palisades resident

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Gerry was a key training ingredient and inspiration that pushed my swimming to a place allowing me to earn USATriathlon  Age Group All American standing and win my age group at 2007 Silverman (140.6).

Holger Beckman, Palisades resident

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With clients coming often from as far away as San Diego and San Francisco to spend an hour with Gerry, we are very lucky to have him here on a daily basis. I started swimming with Gerry at the beginning of 2010 and can now swim comfortably for many many miles without even getting tired anymore and with noticeably less breathing and kicking required than ever before.  For triathlons, this increased endurance and efficiency helps keeping me and my legs fresh for the bike and the run, without sacrificing any swimming speed.  Besides lots of high quality swimming, Gerry’s workouts are specifically tailored for open water racing, including crowded starts, dolphin, sighting, drafting, buoy turns and even wetsuit removal; which is perfect for us triathletes.

Pat Abe, Palisades resident

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Having not come from a swim background and needing to be able to complete a 2.4 mile swim was a bit daunting.  I was told to go to the best and was directed to Gerry Rodrigues.  Approaching Gerry for the first time on deck at one of his renowned master swim workouts, surrounded by world class swimmers, he welcomed me openly introducing me by name to my fellow lane mates; they were just like me, recreational swimmers wanting to get a good solid workout, wanting to increase strength, endurance and/or speed or preparing for one of the Master’s Swim tournaments.  Gerry coaches his workouts to fit all needs by tailoring each lane workout by ability and goals from the professional elite to the recreational swimmer.  His workouts are challenging and his style motivating. In addition to the pool time, Gerry promotes team comradery outside of the pool leading to long lasting friendships and fun. Gerry is my swim coach and will always be.

Susan Harbert, Palisades resident

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Gerry is a one of a kind swim coach. As a marathon runner, I have had experience training with great coaches. What makes Gerry so special is his attention to detail, critical in swimming because it is such a technical sport. Since everyone’s athletic level is different, he tailors each workout to his client’s level of ability and fitness taking into account personal goals. He keeps meticulous notes of progress. The workouts are challenging without being exhausting. I have run 7 marathons, but always wanted to compete in a triathlon. My overwhelming fear of the ocean swim kept me on the beach cheering my friends. Gerry helped me conquer that hurdle by encouraging me to join his group ocean swim. I was ready to quit after the first lap, but he convinced me that the first lap was the hardest. He was right. I finished the workout and completed my first triathlon, placing 3rd in my age group. Surprisingly I beat the 1st place finisher out of the water. I could not have done it without Gerry’s superior coaching and support.

Stacey Stern, Palisades resident

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I don’t come from a swimming background, I’m a triathlete and I don’t even really like the water (don’t tell Gerry!) but after swimming with Gerry several times a week for the last year, not only have I gotten faster, but my confidence in the water has improved tremendously.  Gerry Rodrigues is well-known for being one of the best open water coaches around, but what really sets him apart, in my opinion, is his passion for swimming.  He loves swimming and he loves coaching.  Whether you have a swim background or not, whether you are fast or slow in the water, Gerry takes a genuine interest in each person he coaches and will guide you through the workouts you need to make you a better, faster swimmer.  Gerry’s challenging (but fun!) workouts builds your fitness, but also focus on the skills needed to swim (and race) well in open water.  He finds unique ways to incorporate open water swimming and racing skills (sighting, drafting, and even buoy turns!) into pool workouts.  Swimming with Gerry will absolutely give you the fitness, skills, and confidence to toe the line at any race, knowing that you are “Race Ready”!

Ian Maxtone-Graham


Gerry is the best swim coach I’ve ever worked with.  He coached me for many years at UCLA Masters and he has a great gift for motivating people of all levels, for making them put out a good effort in workouts, and for keeping workouts interesting and fun.  He got me to swim and enjoy events that weren’t my specialty with (like the 1-hour postal swim) and also helped me work on my strengths (freestyle sprints).  He kept the team motivated year-round by setting goals for us and working towards them.  I would not still be a Masters Swimmer if it weren’t for Gerry.

Becky Martin, Palisades resident

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Gerry is dedicated and creates interesting, challenging workouts. He was my swim coach for a little over one year. I wish it had been longer but his swim program was too far for me to drive.  During that year, he quickly got to know my skill level and pushed me as far as he could without going overboard. I really liked the fact that Gerry was the one to coach and he did not have other coaches take over thus the consistency was established. This allowed him to thoroughly get to know his swimmers. He stood on the deck and gave stroke tips as necessary in order to improve my swimming technique.