Azadeh Shladovsky, Palisades resident

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I was immediately impressed by the amount of time Gerry spent on the telephone with me, considering I am not, and never plan on being, a competitive triathlete.  It was 7 weeks before my first triathlon.  I had spent the two months prior swimming with SCAQ and found myself still lacking confidence and skills. In fact, after I learned about Gerry’s credentials, I was skeptical that he would even train somebody like me, “a newbie” at best.

I would swim sets (embarrassed by my lack of form and knowledge) while he sat, patiently and calmly timing me, directing me and taking copious amounts of notes (to which I always wondered, “what can he possibly be writing- I stink and that’s that”). And yet slowly and surely, I began to develop not just an interest in swimming but a desire to give it the commitment that Gerry had given me. His commitment was not limited to the time “on the clock” in the pool; he sent me weekly written workouts that were specific for me (not formulas applied to each of his swimmers) and when race day arrived, he was there to give me guidance and support. I am pleased to say, as a non-swimmer, that the swim leg of my race was my strongest of the event and it’s no mystery why.

Being a resident of the Westside, just minutes from the beautiful Pacific Ocean is a blessing. Being able to swim safely in that ocean, and participate in races where I can challenge myself is an even bigger blessing. Knowing and training with Gerry, well, you get the picture…

Steven Weiss, M.D.


Gerry Rodrigues is the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and motivating swim coach I’ve worked with.

Thomas Kremen, M.D.


I first began swimming at the masters level under coach Gerry in 1999 and have enjoyed his workouts for more than a decade. I have a fair amount of personal experience with swim coaches as I swam competitively for 17 years and have competed at the national level. Gerry has an excellent level of background experience within the sport and he is one of most talented, engaging and knowledgeable coaches with whom I have ever swum. It is not an easy thing to make following the black line on the bottom of the pool a stimulating experience, but Coach Gerry continues to sustain that excitement in myself as well as other team members. Swimming with him has been a great experience and I am looking forward to swimming with Gerry at the new Pacific Palisades location.

Malkeet Gupta, M.D.


I trained with Gerry Rodrigues for two years. In many years of competitive swimming as a kid and as an adult, Gerry is one of the best coaches I’ve ever had. He does an amazing job of varying his workouts to keep them interesting, fun, and always challenging.  In addition, I really appreciated how he was able to constantly give swimming pointers to everyone in the pool. He’s quite an amazing coach. Consider yourself lucky to have him.

Patrick K. Doyle, O.D.


Swimming with Gerry Rodrigues I can attest that he is a very personable, motivating and inspirational coach.  And in amazingly good shape himself. After almost 15 years away from the pool it was amazing how close I got to my best times with putting in much less training time; Gerry’s coaching and encouragement helped me do that.

Swimming is a sport takes quite a bit of dedication and time to be successful. Gerry will be supportive on you reaching your full potential and you will gladly follow his advice and coaching. It is always refreshing to be around a coach that leads by example.  Mainly because it is comforting to know that the coach on the deck is working as hard as you are.

 So if getting back into swimming is something you have been putting off or if you want to reach your full potential Gerry is a great inspiration for success.

Frank Dann, M.D.


I have been a swim student of Gerry for 15 years. In 1995 his team had only a handful of swimmers—a motley crew with hugely varying abilities: One was an Olympic champion, another was learning to swim. With Gerry’s hard work, the group rapidly expanded into a contender at swim meets throughout all Southern California and beyond. Memorably, every year he brought the UCLA Bruins Masters’ Swim Team to the Holiday Classic at the Belmont Shores pool in Long Beach. From the beginning, every year we had a good presence there and made our mark. I remember that teamwork, camaraderie, hard swimming, and fun were all part of the mix at those swim meets.

For the record, listed below are some of Gerry’s attributes:

  • He teaches stroke mechanics.
  • His workouts are meticulously planned and never the same or boring.
  • He knows each lane’s capabilities and so he can set finely-tuned intervals.
  • Gerry understands that some swimmers want fitness or meet preparation, while others require triathlete training or ocean swim improvement. He can teach it all.
  • Gerry shows up on time for each workout and knows the workout he planned.
  • He is very approachable person and he has a good sense of humor. Slow to upset.
  • Because he is recognized champion swimmer of many types he has great credibility amongst in his team.
  • He has long-term coaching experience.

Any team lucky enough to have Coach Gerry will soon come to appreciate all his wonderful attributes.

Diane Graner Gallas, El Segundo Masters


I’ve known, trained and swum with Gerry Rodrigues for over twenty years.  In addition to Gerry’s extensive coaching and racing experience at very high levels, he is able to communicate and provide to swimmers and triatheletes at all levels the training, techniques and strategies they need to improve and excel in their chosen sports.

Lori Christensen, Vixen Training

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If you R E A L L Y want to swim better, Gerry Rodrigues is your coach. He is a master at identifying exactly what you need to improve in your stroke and get streamlined; whether you are a beginner or have been a competitive swimmer your entire life. What are you waiting for?

Rad Hallman, Head Coach – USC Triathlon

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Gerry has helped me excel as both an athlete and a coach over the past several years.  He has the unique ability to spot flaws in a stroke on the individual level and correct them in an instant.  His approach allows him to focus any athlete’s attention on what it takes to get faster beyond fads or quick fixes.  Whether coaching alongside Gerry or following his lead in the pool, I feel that every workout has left me with an improved understanding of swimming and what it takes to race well.  From technique to race strategy, his coaching prowess will take any athlete, whether beginner or elite, swimmer or triathlete, to the next level.

Rom Levitzky – Triathlon coach, Kinetics360

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I have had the opportunity to be coached by Gerry, as well as referred triathlon swimming clients to him. Gerry is simply the best swimming coach I have ever worked with. His understanding of the sport, coaching abilities and attention to detail are second to none. The results his clients have achieved are extremely impressive. Everyone who wants to improve their swimming will greatly benefit from Gerry’s coaching.