Brad Burnham, Head Coach Bowdoin College


Nobody cares more about the sport of swimming and the people who do it than Gerry Rodrigues. I always felt respected and valued as one of his staff members. I enjoyed the discussions about technique, race strategy or the best training sets usually sparked by a question he had. Even more impressive has always been the way he works with each and every person he coaches. I learned a great deal about how to treat people from Gerry.

Jack Fabian, Head coach, Keene College


I have been working with Gerry Rodrigues to help a swimmer I am coaching adapt her training to benefit her racing in Open Water competition.  I love hearing about the training sessions Gerry runs with his athletes and wish we lived on the west coast so that we could be a part of them.  We have benefited greatly by working with Gerry via Skype and on the phone.  I can only imagine how unbelievable it would be to work with him in person at the pool on a daily basis.

Eva Fabian


USA National Team member, 5k World Champion.

After qualifying for my first international Open Water race, 2009 Junior Pan Pacs in Guam, I turned to Gerry Rodrigues for help and information about the sport of open water swimming. The tactics and skills I have learned from Gerry have been a huge factor in my progression through the sport. I enjoy learning from Gerry’s insights before and after races, (good and bad!) and I appreciate his help so much. He truly is an open water guru!

Peter O’Keeffe


27 US Masters National titles; 56 #1 rankings.

I have known Gerry Rodrigues for more than 20 years and can recommend him as an enthusiastic and dedicated swim coach.  I first benefitted from Gerry’s guidance in the early 1990s when he helped prepare me for Master’s Nationals in Nashville, TN. I had an extraordinary meet, but what distinguishes Gerry as a coach is the attention he pays to swimmers of every ability, whether it’s the beginning swimmers in Lane 8 or the former All-Americans in Lane 1.  Gerry understands the concept of a team and he works hard to build a community around the swimmers he coaches.

Mark Montgomery


I was a Los Angeles County Lifeguard for 28 years, as well as a professional triathlete for 15 years. I competed in many ocean races, and had to opportunity to meet Gerry on many occasions. I often would drop in on his workouts, as he would at mine in El Segundo. I have watched him grow form a world class ocean swimmer, into one of the best open water coaches in the world today. He also comes with some of the best pool credentials, coaching many a master swimmer/triathlete to success, and earning national awards from the governing body of masters swimming. Over the past few years I have watched Gerry’s ocean workout group grow to the premier program for triathletes, including some world class professionals. It is nice to know that Gerry once again has a home pool to go with his ocean, and I have no doubt that this program will grow to become one of the best in Southern California. His drive and love of all types of swimming comes through in his athlete’s attitudes and performances, as well as his own performance in the water at each challenge he undertakes. I have and will continue to recommend Gerry to any and all who council my advice in the aquatic world.

Linsey Corbin


Professional triathlete, Overall Winner Ironman Coeur D’Alene.

In and out of the pool, he has a keen eye for what you can specifically do to improve your swim stroke. Gerry is enthusiastic about swimming, a patient instructor, and always willing to help out. He is the go-to guy if you are looking to improve your open water swim skills. I’m looking forward to spending more time with Gerry at Pacific Palisades as I am confident in his skills as the best swim coach I have worked with.

James Duff


As I worked with Gerry, my speed and swimming form in the pool drastically improved and more importantly, he provided me with a great deal of knowledge and race tactics for open water swimming. Gerry is the most knowledgeable open water swimming coaches I have ever worked with, he is truly second to none.   The winner of an open water swim is not always decided by who is the fastest swimmer, but often who is the smartest among the fastest swimmers.  Through Gerry’s workouts, I turned into a first group ITU swimmer and now find myself swimming with some of the fastest swimmers in the sport of triathlon.  Gerry’s expertise will improve any level of athlete, from the seasoned veteran who is now looking to be first out of the water, to a beginner triathlete who is looking to conquer his/her first open water swim.

Tyler Stewart


Ironman champion, Half ironman champion.

I had the pleasure of swimming with Gerry last year as I got ready for a triathlon in that area.  I’ve never had more fun swimming in my life, or at least in the last 7 years that I have been swimming.  I’m not a great swimmer but if Gerry were up in my area I can guarantee I would get to the pool more and become a better swimmer.  I always thought pool swimming was about swimming back and forth (boring)!  My first day with Gerry we were getting ourselves in and out of the pool on both ends in between laps, doing dolphin dives (much like you do at the beginning of an open water swim), working on drafting and swimming harder than i ever had.  The time flew by; I was so entertained by doing something besides just swimming back and forth.  I truly believe that Gerry can teach anyone to swim in the open water by teaching them in a pool!  Gerry, move to San Francisco!  😉

Mac Brown


Gerry Rodrigues is by far the most knowledgeable swim coach I have come across in the sport of triathlon. He creates specific workouts tailored to directly address the weaknesses of the individual athlete, which is not common in the age of online programs. I highly recommend Gerry Rodrigues to any athlete trying to reach their full potential in the sport.