Heather Jackson


Swim Guru Gerry Rodrigues, for those of you in or visiting LA

This is a huge, huge thank you to Gerry, as he has taught me, most importantly, HOW to train and what I need to do to get better. No more going to the pool and swimming 2-3k straight by myself and calling it a day. His workouts have a purpose. He holds his swimmers accountable. He wrote down all our times and was keeping track of our progress. The only reason I went back to LA was to work with Gerry. Thank you for everything Gerry!

Jim Lubinski

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Gerry is the guru of open water swimming.  He took me, a novice swimmer, and gave me the skills I needed to take my swimming and racing to the next level.  Because of Gery’s race simulation workouts, I was much better prepared and confident on race day.

Chris Foster


When I first started swimming with Gerry almost two years ago, I was getting out of the water in local races near the back of the pack.  Flash forward to 2010–I am now competing at the highest level of triathlon in the world.  I compete internationally in the ITU World Championship Series, often getting out of the water in the pack with some of the fastest swimmers in the sport!  Gerry is no less than the highest authority on all aspects of open water swimming.  His real-world open water racing experience is literally unparalleled in the sport.  Combined with his years of on-deck coaching experience, no one is more qualified to take swimmers of *any level* to their fullest potential.  In the sport of triathlon, many argue who is “the best” coach, but in open water swimming, there is no equal!

Kathy Rakel


Gerry’s swim instruction is simple, yet effective.  His open water Tower 26 workouts were key in preparing me for the 2010 Armed Forces Triathlon Championship in Pt. Mugu, CA.  This year I completed the 1500m open water swim over 2 minutes faster than in 2009.  The improved swim time set me up perfectly to become the first woman in the Air Force to win the National Championship!

Rachel Joyce


Professional Triathlete, 5th Place overall woman at Hawaii Ironman.

My pre-Kona training was based in Santa Monica.  My coach, Matt Dixon, introduced me to Gerry and told me that I should get myself along to some of his sessions. More than a handful of people who I had told about my trip to LA had asked, “So, you’re going to hook up with Gerry?”  I’m a swimmer by background, and although I am always keen to improve I kind of treat my swim as one of the more “sorted” disciplines in triathlon.  I have swum with a fair few squads but Gerry’s sessions are different.  They are not about making your rep times faster in the pool (although they probably achieve that too) but about making you fitter and faster for the triathlon swim.  Gerry very quickly was able to give me a couple of pointers about my stroke and  the sessions I did with his squad prepared me for the scrum start in Kona and the changes in pace I’d need to react to in order to keep with a fast pack.  It worked!  I swam one minute quicker than last year, despite tougher conditions and no full length speed suit and I can now say I was the first woman out the water at the Ironman World Championships.  Thank you Gerry!

David Lee


1st place 35-39 Los Angeles Triathlon. 2nd place 35-39 Malibu classic triathlon. USAT All American Honors 2010.

I was introduced to Gerry Rodrigues by my professional triathlon coach, Matt Dixon(Purple Patch Fitness) to help improve my swim – it was respectable, but still the weakest of my three triathlon disciplines. I came to Coach Gerry at the start of 2010. My swim form and fitness improved dramatically. I can confidently go into a race now, knowing that I’ll come out of the water with the first group of swimmers, setting me up for a great bike. My times for my 70.3 swim (1.2mi), improved by almost 2 minutes while my Olympic time, improved by almost one and a half minutes. This was from February – September 2010 and I’m happy to say, my swim is now on par with my bike and run. 

My training would not be complete without the instruction and guidance of Coach Gerry. He is, in my humble opinion, the best at what he does. Coach Gerry instills a sense of confidence in one’s ability to race, and be “race ready”, for open water swimming.

Damon Lee

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In the span of 3 months of working with Gerry I went from the slow lane to the fast lane. 
At a local triathlon my wife missed me coming out of the water because she “assumed” I was
in the back of the pack — WRONG!  With Gerry’s help I came out of the water in second place
in my age group. I am a believer!

Mattie Reyes


My endurance, technique and speed have all changed tremendously since I began swimming with Gerry. He really pays attention to every detail and his passion is visible. I really enjoy how he pushes you to swim your best every time.

Howard Krepack


Gerry Rodrigues is a fabulous swim coach.  His instruction and guidance helped me improve my swimming by leaps and bounds.  His workouts can be tough but they will get you into great shape.  Spend a few months with Gerry and you can’t help but become a more accomplished and confident swimmer.

Chuck Levy


I first met Gerry Rodrigues many years ago when he was the swimming coach for my two sons, Grant (now aged 48) and Brian (46).  I observed his coaching techniques and his interaction with the swimmers he was coaching.  I found that he gave individual attention to each swimmer, pointed out how that swimmer could improve technique; all while setting and overseeing timed exercises.  His suggestions were valid and. over time, led to improvement in performance and technique by those he coached.

I admired the manner in which he ran the program.  He was always patient and courteous.  I never heard him raise his voice in anger or frustration when dealing with a swimmer.  When swimmers compared him to the other coaches that ran their exercises, he always was described in complimentary–often glowing–terms. 

He practiced what he preached.  He kept in excellent shape, participated in ocean swims and encouraged others to do so.  For years, he was among the top swimmers in competitive meets.  Indeed, he won more competitive meets than other swimmer I know.  I was kept informed of his prowess by my son, Grant, who often participated in the same competitive events and, without fail, when I asked him who the overall winner was; he always replied that Gerry led the entire pack. 

I was so impressed by what I observed that I joined the workouts with my sons.  He always had time for me, even though I was one of the slowest, if not the slowest, swimmer. Through his suggestions, my swimming improved.  Indeed, he taught and inspired me enough that, many years ago, I joined my son, Brian, in an ocean swim from the Redondo Beach pier to the Manhattan Beach pier. I was one of the last to finish, but, thanks to Gerry, I finished. 

 I am happy to learn that Gerry will be the swim coach at a pool in the Palisades.  I live in Santa Monica.  At the age of 73, I will undoubtedly ask Gerry if I can join one of his classes.  That is the highest possible compliment I can pay him.