Amy Robertson


I have to say, Gerry is truly the best swim coach that I have ever had.  What sets Gerry apart is his obvious love of the sport and ability to work with each swimmer to refine his/her swimming technique.  Each workout if different and I always walk away with new knowledge and things to practice when swimming on my own. Gerry strikes just the right balance between pushing each swimmer to be their best, giving subtle critiques to enhance your stoke, sharing a history of the sport and having a sense of humor.  His swim classes are definitely the highlight of my training week.  Ultimately, Gerry is passionate about the sport and it shows.  It doesn’t matter if you are an elite swimmer or someone that is new to the sport, Gerry makes you feel excited about getting in the water and creates a sense of accomplishment for taking on new challenges.  I feel very lucky to get to swim with him and I know my lane mates feel the same.

Matt Armstrong


Gerry is a tremendous coach who made me a better swimmer. His workouts were demanding and yet enjoyable while maximizing the time in the water. Gerry works more than “just” fitness; he also focuses on technique, a combination that dramatically improved my swim time, and my overall fitness level.

Brian Morel

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Gerry is an amazing coach!  I’m an upper mid-pack triathlon swimmer (versus a “real” swimmer!) who races triathlon a lot less than I once did.  And getting in the pool was never my favorite thing to do.  Gerry changed all that by making swim training fun.  He is a true professional and he takes his business – swimming – as serious as a doctor takes theirs.  He divides a given coaching session into lanes of different paces and does a masterful job of pacing the various lanes through the same workout.  He’s incredible.  Throughout his sessions he gives tips and pointers to help with technique.  I also like that, upon inquiring with Gerry about private coaching sessions to take my swimming to the next level – a prime opportunity to make money off me – he suggested that my issue was fitness / endurance and that Ii merely needed to be more consistent in coming to his class; he could have easily sold me on some private coaching, just for the sake of making some easy money, and I appreciate that he didn’t.

Lowell Offer


A person is fortunate in their life to find someone that will change their life for the better. Gerry Rodrigues is that kind of person that helps others, and Gerry certainly did make my life better. Fifteen years ago, I was 65 when I started swimming with Gerry, and had no swimming experience. He is a great coach, making people better swimmers, but also making them better people, and happy people. I will always be fortunate and owe gratitude to Gerry and how he changed my life.

Tom Ito

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Gerry is a fantastic swim coach!  He has helped me tremendously to achieve my swim triathlon goals while improving swim technique and physical conditioning. Gerry has the special talent to align training sessions that perfectly matches abilities and capabilities.  I always feel energized and motivated following a swim session with Gerry. As a result, I successfully completed my first International Distance Triathlon where the ocean swim became the best and most enjoyable part of the race.

I highly recommend Gerry if you are serious about improving your swimming at any level and accomplishing your athletic goals.

Leor Ziv


When I was first introduced to Gerry Rodrigues about fourteen years ago, I was recovering from multiple ankle surgeries; I was looking for a sport that would fit my condition. Gerry made me fall in love with swimming and I am currently still swimming. During the time I trained with Gerry, I was exposed to other coaches as well which made me realize that he is the best I’ve seen. Gerry has a tremendous ability to make the most out of you. The workouts were hard, very hard. But I felt I had to do it because I could not let Gerry down. Gerry gave me the feeling that together we can reach new heights and I can overcome challenges and all I had to do was to follow his lead. I believe that to be able to create such motivation within your peers, is an important virtue for a coach. When you add also his abilities to teach and to transfer his knowledge to others with such passions shown in each and every single workout – that’s what separates him from other coaches.

The result of my relationship with Gerry is evident by the fact that both my children, Karin (15) and Roy (13) are competitive swimmers as well. Both of them were trained by Gerry Rodrigues while he worked at UCLA, and now I am very proud to watch them compete at a Junior Olympic level.

Thank you Gerry for bringing swimming into our lives. Thank you for making this commitment to such a physically and mentally demanding sport so easy for my family.

Good luck and all the best. You have earned it.

Peter Brantley

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Gerry gave me the knowledge and experience to be able to handle all, even the most ridiculous of conditions including the 2009 edition of the LA triathlon where the swim conditions included heavy surf with choppy swells and a VERY heavy current.  Because of his coaching, I was able to make it out with the lead pack of swimmers.  After 2 years of swimming with Gerry at Tower 26 and in Coaching Sessions the swim is no longer something to be feared. Any athlete from pure beginner to professional who is looking to train for triathlon or any open water event would be able to benefit from his coaching.

Greg Bergman


Gerry amazed me with his ability to watch 24+ swimmers at the same time and give each person individualized instruction and keep everyone performing at a level that was both fun and challenging. When I started his Masters Swim program at UCLA I was out of shape and concerned with my ability to keep up with the group during workouts. I started in my 50s and am now in better shape at 63 than I was in my 40s. Gerry is warm, friendly and focused – a great combination in a coach and teacher.

Lynne Fiedler

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Gerry’s passion for swimming is apparent every time I have been coached by him. I have taken several private lessons and many group swim classes this year from Gerry, as well as attended his Tower 26 ocean swims.

His coaching has immensely improved my stroke, my focus in the pool and ocean, and my performance in triathlons this season. All of his workouts have a purpose- whether it is to simulate a race situation, teach you something you don’t know about open water swimming or push you to use your full potential in the pool..he knows swimming like nobody else! He truly cares about all of his athletes, and I can now say that because of him, I enjoy my swimming training.

Chain Lee

Coach Gerry has an uncanny ability to get you to push yourself beyond your known limits. He doesn’t need to yell, make you angry, or use a cattle prod. Just being under his coaching makes you want to train really hard. Since I started with him,  my improvements have taken me to brave the waters of Alcatraz Island, and now an Iron Man Triathlon is on the horizon. Hands down, he is the best swim coach that I have had.