Bradford S. Cohen, Esq.


Gerry Rodrigues is a fabulous coach who helped transform me from an out of shape couch potato into a competitive triathlete. He literally taught me how to swim and inspired me to successfully complete an ironman competition ( 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 26.2 run) all at the age of 52!

I wish Gerry the greatest success in his new endeavor. With Gerry’s leadership the program will no doubt quickly become one of the most outstanding swim/triathlon programs in the country.

Marshall Abramczyk


In the past I was a strong swimmer and beginning triathlons I desired to return to my previous condition and met Coach Gerry.  Our first meeting was excellent and I was welcomed immediately.  The focus was not cost or a marketer’s lecture.  It was simple – “Alright, get in and swim.”

My form was returning quickly with no shortness of pointers from Gerry.  Often in Master’s programs the stroke technique is a “learn on your own ordeal.”  No other Masters clubs that I have swum with have brought me into such shape so effectively.

The main reason for my rapid progression was not my previous abilities, rather my motivation derived from the natural leadership and inspiration that Gerry radiated.  It was my goal to impress him and in doing so I pushed myself and strove to give more than required.

End result is that Gerry rapidly turned me into a once again extremely competitive swimmer but more importantly when I get back in the pool without his presence I still think of him as my coach and push myself as I did under his tutelage.  The motivation that he instilled in me will be with me for life.

Kirk Frieden


Gerry was my first coach.  He was the reason that I kept coming back every morning for another workout.  I had just turned 50 and felt it was time I started to get in shape and stay healthy.

Gerry was always at the pool on time, full of energy and passion.  He always had a smile and was ready to go.  He had our routine memorized and always put a lot of thought into it.  I found the workouts challenging and interesting.  He had the ability to make an hour and a half workout seem like an hour.  During the workouts, I was amazed at how Gerry always knew what everyone was doing, what stage they were at in their routine, and how fast each lane was moving.  It was mind boggling he could do that with eight lanes going at different speeds.

Now that six years has passed, swimming has become a wonderful part of my life.  I am in the best shape I have ever been in. When I get out of the pool I always feel great! I consider myself fortunate to have found swimming, and even more fortunate to have started with Gerry as my coach.  If he had not been there to inspire and to push me my first few years of swimming I do not know if I would still be swimming today.  He got me over the hump and into the groove!  I am thankful for all his guidance, encouragement, and advice from day one. He related swimming to my profession which helped me immensely.  He taught me many things, but the two things I remember most were: swim like you’re six feet tall (meaning stretch out long); and I should not gauge myself by the person in the lane next to me… the race should only be between me and the clock.

Carmela deBrouwer

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While training with Gerry my times and technique improved tremendously but, the most important was that I felt strong and confident on the water.  I am looking forward for more exhilarating great swim workouts!

Jay Dixon


Gerry Rodrigues is the best coach I’ve ever had. I started with him while doing a Ph.D. in Economics at UCLA (a top 10 program), and I’m not sure I would’ve survived it without him. After a frustrating day slaving over Bellman equations, I really looked forward to taking it all out in his workouts. They were always challenging and, more important, always interesting. The best thing is the attention Gerry paid to the needs of each and everyone of his swimmers: I’m faster than most, not as fast as some, but in a full pool of 30+ swimmers of all different capabilities, he had the yards and times that were just right for me. I’ve since moved from California, but I still long for Gerry’s workouts, and hope to be back with him some day.

Steve Munatones


Gerry teaches the same techniques, skills and tactics during his Tower 26 workouts as he recently taught to Eva Fabian, a then 5′-1″ 15-year-old who burst upon the world’s scene in marathon swimming. These skills and techniques are quite developed and specialized just as is the ability to compete in the Tour de France requires endurance, tactics and skills.

If you are a 1.5 kilometer swimmer who swims in 30 minutes, but wants to do it in 26 minutes, go to Gerry’s Tower 26 workouts. If you are a 26-minute swimmer, but want to do it in 23 minutes, talk to Gerry. If you are a 23-minute swimmer who wants to do it in 19 minutes, listen to Gerry. Eva did it and she has propelled herself among the world’s elites.

Disclaimer: I have traveled the world reporting on open water swimmers and ocean events, observing hundreds of coaches in action, but I consider Gerry a good friend and colleague.

Alex Nevil


Coach Gerry saved my butt!  Shortly after being talked into participating in an Olympic-distance triathlon, I made an important discovery: I can’t swim.  After getting some coaching from a few different people but not getting very far, I met with Gerry.  With only a couple of months to go before the event, Gerry put me through rigorous training.  While Michael Phelps has nothing to fear from me, Gerry took me from literally barely being able to get through a lap to completing the 1500 meter swim.  My performance was by no means pretty, but I did it, so just imagine what Gerry can do for someone with actual athletic ability.

Helen Timajchi

I have been swimming with the UCLA Bruin Master Swim Club for the last 7 years and had the pleasure of having coach Gerry as our head coach.

One glance at the schedule and seeing his name, and I knew that night all lanes are full. It was unanimous among all of us (more than 400 members) that by far, coach Gerry was one of the best. He was tentative to all (no matter which lane or what level) and would take time correcting our stokes, forms, and helped us to undue the wrong alignments. He always had great and exciting routines for warm up, main set, and cool down; and would encourage us to meet our intervals while maintaining the correct form of each stroke. He helped me tremendously with my free style, breast stroke, proper arms and shoulder alignment which I am grateful.

I never forget the Friday nights (all out for an hour) If Gerry was coaching, everybody was there, no matter how tired we were!

Great coaches like Gerry are hard to come by, I miss him and so does our club. I believe our loss is your gain of having him as a coach, I wish him all the best.

Rodolfo Costella


Managing Partner, CA’del Sole

Before I started working with Coach Gerry, I would have never believed that I would eventually have the stamina to swim for several miles – and feel great after completing the swim! I had the pleasure of receiving swimming instruction and coaching from Gerry for a period that spanned more than five years.  As a result I have developed a true passion for swimming.

Gerry understood what I was trying to accomplish, and targeted his approach to my specific goals, as well as my physical condition.  He had a good sense of where my limitations were at any given point in my development, and he would push me reach my potential – without my having to worry about overdoing it and possibly getting injured.  This allowed me to make remarkable progress from week to week, building my confidence and fostering a positive “can-do” attitude as I endeavored to become a better swimmer. 

Gerry Rodrigues knows how to keep the energy level high – the mood positive.  I would leave my swimming sessions feeling renewed, refreshed, and ready to take on any challenge that presented itself.  I would highly recommend Gerry Rodrigues to any swim program that is seeking a combination of coaching skill and warm personality style.

Rosalind Jarrett

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Gerry Rodrigues is a terrific coach. His pool workouts are top-notch and no other beach workout compares to those he runs at Tower 26. Gerry customizes his workouts into groups, so that pros, speedy amateurs and we ‘aspiring-to-be-speedy’ swimmers can all benefit during the same workout.  He encourages you to do your best and every workout is different, always interesting and always challenging.