Harvey Karlovac


Coach Gerry motivates even beginning swimmers in his workouts by focusing on the fundamentals that allow for the biggest strides while at the same time motivating for further improvement.

Ian Watson


Many club members rightly call Gerry a “rock star coach”.  Gerry manages to pack teaching, motivating, and humor into every session.

Marcy Smith


Gerry turned me into a real swimmer opposed to lap swimmer I had been. I started swimming at 45, so that gave me two years before Gerry to develop some really bad habits.  I don’t know if he will MAKE you do the one hour swim, but I had always thought swimming more than a 200 yards straight was a waste of time.  You can imagine when he announced the entire team would be participating in what I think is an insane swim, what my reaction was…but after a lot of hard work I swam 4,000 yards.  Pretty impressive for an old lady with no experience.  

On a personal note, I have a child with a rare life-threatening disease.  During the ups and downs of surgery, Gerry was always a wonderful support. He decided to have a fundraiser that would benefit my Foundation.  To this day it is still the single biggest money maker of any fundraiser I have done.

It is a pleasure to share this with others that will be lucky enough to swim for him; I wish I lived in Pacific Palisades.

Jim Nash


Princeton University Men’s Varsity Swimming 1997-2001.

Coach Gerry has unparalleled skill in teaching stroke technique and in aerobic conditioning.  He guided me during the collegiate off season which contributed heavily to my success during the dual meet season where I won several races.  He also corrected my freestyle body position which really helped on the back half of the 200 freestyle. PS. He taught me to swim when I was five!

Mike Schiepke


I have to say that Gerry’s workouts have proved his catch phrase “be race ready” to be true. I can now confidently line up and jump into the open water without hesitation.  His beach workouts and instruction have provided the added confidence I needed to get to a different level.

I can appreciate all he has given to us in his workouts and know it is all for the good.  Gerry’s workouts definitely have increased my knowledge of swimming a great deal and improved my fitness level as well.  He provides us with so many different perspectives on not only swimming, but swimming smart.

I like to say that I have a lot of hay in the barn now, but I need to work on stacking it in the right places. I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to swim with Gerry and I wish the same for everyone out there.  He is one of a kind, give him a call.

Deepak Danavar


I highly recommend Gerry’s swim workouts, whether you are training for a triathlon or simply want to take your swimming to the next level. 

I joined him after deciding to start training for my first triathlon, but had not attempted to swim more than 50 continuous yards in over 15 years.  Because his students swim at all levels, I was able to keep up with the class as a whole even though I was initially one of the slower swimmers.  After only a few short weeks, my endurance in the pool quickly began to improve, which ultimately translated into increased speed and more importantly, more confidence during open water swims. 

After seeing the number of people that came to Gerry’s Friday morning open water swims at Tower 26 in Santa Monica, I was even more motivated and inspired to push myself to my limits. These swims are designed to attract swimmers of all levels who, like me, wish to overcome their fears of swimming in open water or perhaps want to improve their open water swim times.  The combination of these intense workouts and Gerry’s personalized guidance helped transform me from someone who once had trouble swimming 50 yards in a pool to someone who confidently completed a .9 mile open water swim in my first triathlon.  Thanks Gerry!

Steve Pressman

Experience: ,

Thank you for all of the great coaching over the last several years. I look back at me beginning days at UCLA, the days of struggling at TriFit, and think to myself, WOW! My swimming has changed so dramatically. Even though my times have dramatically improved, there is much more work to be done. I cannot get over my efficiency in the water, which has lead to a huge confidence during the swim portion of my races. Now I am looking forward to going to the next level at the new Palisades pool.

Thank you for all of your guidance!

Brent Blackman


Gerry is simply the best open water swim coach I have ever had.

When I moved to LA in 1995, I quickly realized that open water swimming is very different than pool swimming. Gerry taught me that being a fast pool swimmer does not necessarily translate to being successful in open water. Within three months of joining Gerry’s team, his focused workouts helped me improve from 8th to 3rd at the Pier-to-Pier swim and 1st overall at the 2.4 mile ‘Aumakau Swim in Maui. I highly recommend Gerry to all open water swimmers and triathletes who want to improve.

Carol Schreder


Coach Gerry is a master at making workouts challenging and fun.  He knows every swimmer’s ability and manages intervals to make everyone feel they’re in the workout together.  Having started swimming seriously at age 54, Coach Gerry improved both my fitness and my performance — no easy feat.  Simply put:  Coach Gerry is the best.

Mel Shapiro


Distinguished professor, UCLA

Gerry taught me to swim. I can truly say, Gerry is a great coach, a born coach, and I was very lucky to meet and work with him. 

I was 64 years old, recently recovering from a heart attack and quintuple by-pass.  I had a fear of water, an element I had avoided all my life.  Gerry said if I was committed, he would teach me. 

I joined the Bruin Masters swim club, he helped teach me and eventually I joined the swimmers in lane 8 (slow lane).  I am still in lane 8, holding my own.  If it were not for Gerry I would never have learned, I would never pushed myself, I would never have achieved any of the skills I have now have.  I would have given up, grown old, fat and unhealthy, like I was. He changed my life.